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Spring is finally here: bright colors, fresh air, and the melting snow. It’s my favorite season and the best time to discover new picture ideas! The weather starts warming up and everyone feels comfier being outside for longer periods of time. Grabbing a group of friends to go outside and take pictures with is so much fun; not only do you have fun, but you feel more confident in yourself! Because I am into photography and I’ve been taking portraits for a couple of years, I thought I’d share a few tips for pictures in the spring. People don’t need to have a fancy camera or even know much about photography. People just need models, any type of camera, and to have fun!


1.     Green!

It goes without saying that there will be a lot of green coming in the spring. Everything is blooming, and it creates cool backgrounds or even good props.

Recently, Her Campus writer Gretchen Leif and I went down some streets near Winona State’s campus and took some pictures. It is still cold in Minnesota, but the day we went was warmer than it had been. The picture above is Gretchen holding a flower as a prop.


2.     Bright Colors.

Try to find bright colors to put in pictures! Everything in the winter is cloudy and gloomy. If you go somewhere on spring break, this is usually the perfect time to find bright colors. When you’re somewhere new, your eyes are much more aware of their surroundings. I like yellow because it’s an incredibly vibrant color that stands out.


3.     Explore!

The best way to find cool places for pictures is to wander! Sometimes it’s not even “finding” cool places, but roaming in an area with no destination in mind and then stumbling upon somewhere unique. Whether it’s just a wall, a building, or even a colorful house, exploring is beyond more fun than having a specific destination. Exploring invites more creativity into what kind of pictures you can take.

When Gretchen and I went exploring, we found a dainty house with the cutest garden. The fence was painted bright colors, and whoever lived there put plant vines on their window. Don’t get me wrong – the pink toilet in her front yard was a little random, but it was such a unique picture idea!


4.     Cars.

When I began photography, my uncle used to take me to car shows to take pictures. Some cars were brand new, shining, and thousands of dollars; others were antique. They were all beautiful; whether new or old, the most colorful cars were my favorite. Cars can be a great prop for pictures or even a nice setting. I like turquoise cars because it’s a color that cars don’t usually have and the color naturally pops to the viewer’s eye.

A high school friend of mine had an old Volkswagen Van that was incredibly old. It took him weeks, but he fixed it and re-did some of the interior design. He put in new seats, a new wheel, and made it a place to hang out with some of his friends.


5.     Water.

The weather is getting warmer, so get into your swimsuit and cool off! Or don’t. I’ve done shoots in water where people don’t wear a swimsuit, but will wear other types of clothing. People can wear dresses or even band t-shirts. Of course, there is the option to wear a swimsuit as well. This opens the opportunity for even more pictures. Stand with your friends in bikinis and just smile! Girls take images with their swimsuits all the time and not only is it fun, but it is also a great confidence booster.

These are tips that will help everyone take cool spring pictures! It doesn’t matter if you have a fancy Canon camera or even a toy camera. Keep your mind open to new ideas because there’s so much to take pictures of! The most important thing is to have fun. While posing or thinking about what to wear, don’t think too much about the outcome of the picture. Many people often get scared that they won’t look “good.” Amp one another up, and say cheese!


Note: All images are from Natalie Tyler Photography


Natalie Elle Tyler is a senior at Winona State majoring in Creative Digital Media. She is minoring in Dance, Creative Writing, and Journalism. Natalie manages her own photography business. When she isn’t writing, she’s either doing a photoshoot, hanging out with friends, or dancing. Her ultimate dream is to make book covers through her photography while having the time to be a freelance travel photographer or photojournalist.
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