Spring Fashion Trends 2018

Every spring, fashionistas across the globe cruise the web for the new fashion trends of the year. This year, according to my extensive research, bright colors, patterns and texture are some of the many trends to watch for. Here are some more highly anticipated trends for 2018.



Pastels are colors everyone can rock, and not just in the spring. Pastels never actually went out of style, but this spring, they’re back and everywhere! Trade out your bold, bright colors this year for some softer-looking pigments!




I, personally, am not sure how this is fashionable…BUT it works. Way back in the day, I had a flapper Halloween costume that had fringe, and it was super fun to spin around in it. Keep your eye out for fringe when shopping for your next going-out dress!




Whether we are representing a school or a world-renowned fashion designer, logos are something that everyone wears. Lately, logos have been big and make up the entire front of a t-shirt. This is truly one trend that will never die out.



Fanny Packs

Yep, fanny packs are back! Since these were a very popular fad back in the ‘90s, I had one of these bad boys growing up. Fanny packs are very convenient, especially when you’re at a beach, and are probably one of the better ways to carry around your ID, makeup or snacks.



On some level, we all appreciate fashion and what it brings to the world. I urge you to step outside your box this spring and try a 2018 trend!



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