Social Workers Month

March is the month we celebrate social workers and the work they do for individuals and communities. The theme for Social Worker Month 2021 is “Social Workers Are Essential!” and I couldn’t agree more! 


Not everyone knows what it is that social workers do, so listed below are some ways social workers impact our society. 


What Do Social Workers Do?

  • Social workers are trained to help people address personal and systemic barriers to optimal living. They are employed to effect positive change with individuals, families, groups, and entire communities. 


  • Social workers frequently use their collective power to pass laws and establish policies that give more people access to community services and benefits, which improves the quality of life for everyone.


  • Social work is the only helping profession that requires social justice advocacy as part of its professional code of ethics and is, therefore, a large workforce mandated to advance the rights of the most vulnerable in society.


Now that we know what social workers do, here are some cool facts about social work and some exciting and interesting ways to observe and show your support! 


Cool Facts

  • Throughout U.S. history, social workers have: 
  • Fought for civil and voting rights for people of color 
  • Protested American intervention in wars 
  • Achieved the minimum wage and safer workplaces for poor people  
  • Expanded reproductive and employment rights for American women 
  • Supported marriage and employment protections for LGBT people  
  • Advocated for immigrants seeking asylum 
  • Pushed for sensible gun laws and anti-violence initiatives 
  • Raised awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment 
  • Fought for client privacy and mental health services 
  • Social workers play a crucial role in our nation’s health care system, the nation’s response to COVID-19, and in helping individuals, families, and communities cope with the pandemic.
  • The social work profession is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States with nearly 800,000 people expected to be employed as social workers by 2028.


Ways to Support Social Workers

  • Honor a Colleague
  • If you work in social work, consider nominating one of your colleagues for an annual prize. The NASW hosts annual award programs to recognize exemplary members, inspiring citizens, supportive policymakers, and media allies. If you're a member of the NASW, you can nominate social workers you admire.
  • Help Out on World Social Work Day
  • Get involved yourself and help social workers by lending a hand! March 16 is World Social Work Day. You can view events happening worldwide here.  
  • Show Your Appreciation with a Gift
  • Social Worker Month gifts might be a letter to let the social worker in your life know that you appreciate them; it might be anything from a coffee gift card to lunch on you!


Now that you know the ways to support social workers and why we all should, I hope you take a few minutes from your day to show love and support to the social workers in your life.