Smell Ya Later: 5 Scents I’m Glad My Nostrils Know

I get the sense that when masks are not a crucial part of everyday life, I will be even more grateful that I have a working olfactory system. So for National Sense of Smell Day on April 24, I will chronicle some of my favorite fragrances.


1. Fresh rain—There is actually an official word for this, known as petrichor. It was coined in 1964 by Australian scientists and I am oy! so glad this word exists to describe the feel-good fragrance. Rain has always been something I’ve enjoyed watching or better yet falling asleep to, but I wish I could bottle what it feels like to step outside right after a storm and splash around in these perfectly-perfumed puddles. 


2. Chlorinated pools—I attribute this preference to 10 years of competitive swimming. The smell is a strong one, but it brings back a deep love of the sport for me. Some claim it is headache-inducing, but I find it completely comforting as I’d be at swim practice or even in a hotel pool. 


3. Coffee—I am definitely not alone in enjoying the sensation of fresh grounds wafting through any and all houses. It gets my brain percolating and makes for a full-body experience for enjoyment as I sip and sniff this caffeinated beverage.


4. Laundry—Although I don’t love the act of doing laundry, I do love to burrow my face in a fresh pile of linens and inhale deeply. It feels like my clothes have been given a new lease on life, whether it be with lavender or ocean spray detergent. 


5. Citrus zest—Doesn’t matter if it’s orange, lemon, lime or even grapefruit, I relish this fruity smell of grated rind in desserts. I like it so much that I’ve been known to freshen up the garbage disposal by putting some rinds down there as well so it fills the kitchen as the blades whirl around. 


This article was short but sweet, not unlike these scents I love. Take a minute to stop and smell the roses on April 24—it might be a fragrance you learn you’re fond of!