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Rihanna’s New Album, ANTI (& all the feels that come with it)

After years of eager anticipation, Rihanna’s long-awaited eighth album, ANTI, is available now! I took it into my own hands to personally break this album down for you and explain all the feels one person might experience when listening to 13 tracks of pure Rihanna goodness.


Consideration ft. SZA – ”Rihanna taught me how to be #sassy.”

James Joint – “This song is pretty chill, good start.”

Work ft. Drake – “I’m about to get all of my to-do list accomplished #swag.”

Desperado – “I’m feeling like I could conquer the world.”

Woo ft. Travis Scott – “Back to being chill, yet sassy.”

Needed Me – “I could rap this whole song in my sleep.”

Hanna Leadstrom is a student at Winona State University studying mass communication with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in marketing. You can often find her working out, blogging, sipping on a cup of jo and day dreaming of travel. She enjoys the little things in life and is a firm believer in a "work hard, play hard" life motto.
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