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An Open Letter To My Dad

Dear Dad,

I’m going to try my best to keep this short and sweet, the way I know you’d rather have it, but I don’t know if that’s possible. Throughout my life you’ve taught me an immeasurable amount and I can’t begin to thank you enough in just one short letter, but let me try my best.

First of all, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for making me the young man I am today. Thank you for being a positive influence on me throughout my youth and constantly pushing me to achieve excellence. Thank you for showing me life in the outdoors, whether it was working on the yard, throwing a football, hitting a baseball, attempting to hit a straight golf shot, fishing with me, or the countless other activities we’ve experienced together. Thank you for taking me to all my sporting events and school related activities. You never failed to provide me with the feedback I needed to hear. Through thick and thin you always supported me and I will never fully be able to repay you for that, but know that you taught me how to believe in myself. The goals I strive for today are because of the leadership and love you showed me as a child.

Thank you for showing me that hard works pays off and that is doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for teaching me how to respect the people around me. You taught me to treat every person I met the way I wanted to be treated. You taught me when to shut my mouth, even though it can be hard, and to listen to the opinion of others. Most importantly, thank you for teaching me how to treat a woman. Thank you for showing me how to love and care for a spouse beyond any possible comprehension. The love you show for mom day in and out has made me strive to one day find a love as strong yours.

Now I need to apologize. I need to apologize for all the times I thought you were leading me down the wrong path. For the times you pushed me to excel and I gave you hell because I wanted to give up. I am sorry for cursing at you when I was angry and taking out frustration on you rather than in the appropriate manner. Most of all, I apologize for making you ever doubt your parenting abilities and for the times you stayed awake debating if you’d made the right choice. You are an excellent role model, leader, and parent. I hope to one day be half the man you are today.

Dad, you are the best man I know.  You are the most caring, motivated, and loving man I’ve ever met. The strength you exemplify on a single day continues to baffle me. When you were faced with difficult times I never saw you hang your head or become angry at the cards life had dealt you. Instead, you worked tirelessly until you achieved everything you desired. That motivation and drive continues to shape the human I strive to be today. Dad, I want to be just like you when I grow up. I want my kids to look at me as if I’m a superhero because you were that to me.

I know I don’t say it nearly enough but please remember this, I love you Dad. I love you more than you could possibly understand. You are my biggest fan, support system, and role model that I strive to be some day.

I love you more than the outdoors, sports, hot wings and beer combined.

-Your Boy

Adam Bartusek is a Senior double majoring in Communication Studies and Recreation Tourism with a Minor in Coaching. On weekends you can either find him on the ice/open water fishing, shooting hoops, golfing, watching sports on TV, or having a few cold ones with some friends. He is a firm believer in quotes and that if you don’t like reading, you just haven’t found the right book yet. As of now he is currently working on finishing a series of four books he hopes to publish! Be sure to check out his Outdoor Media Company Team Yukon Outdoors as well.
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