National Oreo Day

In honor of National Oreo Day on March 6th, I decided to buy $30 worth of Oreos to taste and rate the flavors so you don’t have to. (: 


1. Chocolate Marshmallow 

9/10. These cookies have little marshmallow bits in them and taste exactly like marshmallows. 


2. Lady Gaga 

I cannot explain the flavor at all. These cookies are pink with green creme in the middle. 8.5/10


3. Peanut Butter 

I used to always put peanut butter on my classic Oreos, and it tastes exactly like that. You cannot beat the chocolate-peanut butter combo. 8.5/10. 


4. Birthday Cake  

If you’re not a sweets person, this cookie is not for you; but is definitely my cup of tea. 8/10. 


5. Hazelnut 

Pretty much what you would expect, pretty much an Oreo with Nutella. The creme is so good, but it’s not my favorite cookie. 7/10. 


6. Java Chip  

If you love coffee, I'm sure you will also love these cookies. 6.5/10. 


7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

These cookies kinda tasted like Nutter Butters, but I would not buy these again. 6/10.


8. Caramel Coconut 

 3/10. Didn’t really have much flavor, and I could not taste the coconut. Would not recommend it. 


9. Carrot Cake 

These Oreos have cream cheese frosting on a carrot cookie. I personally love carrot cake, but these Oreos are not good and do not taste like carrot cake. I found them to be very dry and a little spicy like a ginger snap. 2/10. 


Although I have tried all these new flavors, I still believe the best Oreo is the original. Whether you like your Oreos with or without milk, double-stuffed, gluten-free or chocolate dipped, don’t forget to treat yourself on Oreo day!