My 6 Favorite Beauty YouTubers

I had always liked makeup growing up, but I never really knew what I was doing until I discovered the world of beauty YouTube. In high school, I was lucky to put on foundation and mascara—that was it. I never knew all the different products that were out there, and all the different things I could learn to do with them. In honor of how far I have come, here is a list of my six favorite beauty YouTubers that have taught me everything I know.


1. Samantha Ravndahl

Sam is one of my absolute favorites because she is one of the least biased YouTubers that I watch. She gives her honest opinion on everything because she rarely works with brands and does not get free products anymore. She personally purchases everything that she wants to use and gives very thorough reviews on them. She is also one of the YouTubers that I could see myself being friends with because she just seems like my kind of person. She is professionally trained in makeup as well, which is different than many self-taught YouTubers. I have learned a lot from watching her tutorials that I had not learned watching anyone else.


2. Tati Westbrook

Tati is one of my favorite makeup reviewers. She reviews a large variety of things, and she posts very often. She does not do tutorials as often, but she gives little tips and tricks along the way while she reviews things. I have also found that I always like the products that she recommends, so I highly trust her opinion.


3. James Charles

James is one of the most talented beauty YouTubers that I have found. He does a variety of looks, usually ones that are more colorful and outside the box, but he has a great channel to watch for inspiration to do something new. He also does a variety of humorous challenge videos to keep you entertained.


4. RawBeautyKristi

Kristi does a lot of in-depth, longer reviews and tutorials—all her videos are around 30 minutes long. I have learned a lot of new techniques from her and her videos are overall very entertaining.


5. Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill used to do a lot more tutorials (so if you look back farther into her video list, that is where those are), but recently she does a lot of reviews and showing her life/lifestyle. I still enjoy watching her videos because her life is literally goals, but if you are looking to learn some good beauty techniques, then I would recommend watching her older videos because I learned a lot from them.


6. Jeffree Star

Some people have varying opinions about Jeffree Star, but I personally really like his content. His life is very interesting and his makeup line is amazing. It is always exciting to watch his videos about his new makeup launches. I have never tried a product from him that I did not like. He also does a bit of reviews mixed in as well. If you want a more in-depth look into him and his life, check out the mini documentary that Shane Dawson did on him and it might give you a new perspective.


These are all my favorites, but there are so many more that are out there! If you are interested in learning about makeup, or practically anything, just put it in the search bar of YouTube and start watching! There are tons of videos out there, so I am sure there is something for you to learn that you are interested in!


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