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Dear Hannah,

I bet you weren’t expecting to open up your browser and see this. It’ll probably pop up on your Facebook and you’ll (hopefully) open it when you’re supposed to be working or doing homework. I know you’ll see it though because you’re such a middle-aged mom, and you’re always on Facebook. Usually, I send you letters via snail mail but today, I felt like really being the millennial I am and posting my letter for all to see.


Growing up I spent every day with my sister; the second I was born, I had an instant lifelong companion by my side. I didn’t always love having a sister though. I was always the one that had to be the student, and Hannah got to be the teacher. Somehow when we would play horse (yes, we played horse), I always had to be the horse while Hannah got to be the instructor or the rider. No matter what we played, Hannah got to do the fun parts while I had to do the stupid parts. I always wanted to do whatever Hannah was doing. I followed her around all the time and was very heavily influenced by her decisions. If Hannah’s favorite color was red, mine was red. Hannah loved cherries? Guess I loved cherries too then. I was Hannah’s little shadow at family gatherings or anything else we went to. Too scared to do anything alone, I always followed Hannah around and drove her nuts. As we got older, I started to get a bit more independent and didn’t need to do everything she did all the time.

Now that we’re 275 miles away from each other, I wish I could be your little shadow again. I miss making our gross peanut butter, mayo, lettuce, pickle sandwiches and grossing everyone out because we loved them so much. I miss throwing pasta noodles in your hair as we did the dishes after dinner. I miss you like crazy, and I am always waiting for the next time we will both be home at the same time. I know you’re loving school, life in Morris, and everything you’re doing in life right now; I am so happy for you. Whether you’re in Boston exploring or in Chicago teaching kids, you’re always up to something which keeps people on their toes and wondering what you’ll be up to next. I aspire to do as much as you do and be as excited for life as you are every day. You’re always so happy to be doing whatever it is you’re doing at the time and that’s so amazing to see. It makes me so happy to see you succeeding so much in life, school, teaching, and all other aspects. I don’t tell you enough how proud of you I am. I am so proud of you though. You’re doing so much to get ready to help little minds grow in your future classroom. Aside from the future, you are doing so much to help everyone around you grow and shine. Your future students are so beyond lucky to have you.

I miss you like crazy and am so so so proud of you for everything you have accomplished and will accomplish in your near future. I can’t wait to see you! Take care and keep living life to its absolute fullest :)


Love you lots,


I love adventures in my canoe, reading, painting, running and exploring! 
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