Military Appreciation Month: Campus Heroes

National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM) is recognized every May. U.S citizens are encouraged to observe the month as a symbol of unity. During this time we honor all former and current members of the armed forces, and those who have perished while serving. These men and women are recognized as "America's Warriors of Freedom," and we are excited to honor some of the warriors on our own campus. 


Logan McGruder - United States Marine Corps

“My experience with the Marine Corps has been a series of ups and downs. I have learned from the very beginning that nothing will ever be handed to me. If there is anything I want, then it is up to me to take the necessary steps to get there. To be successful, it is up to me to seek out that success; nothing will be shown to me and nothing is going to be easy, so the best I can do is persevere.”

“The Marine Corps has helped me to realize the importance of this “hard work pays off” attitude in some not-so-conventional ways. Overall my time in the service has been a roller coaster of learning and adapting. The ways that I have been inspired while in the Corps have and will continue to pay off in my everyday life yet to come.”


Tyler Krueger - United States Air Force

“I joined the military because I have a strong family tradition of being in the military. My brother is in the Air Force, my uncle was in the army and my grandfather served in the national guard.”

“I learned from the military that you are given nothing you do not earn first. It takes hard work and dedication to get the rank you want and anything else you may want from the military. The military, just like my family, has strong traditions and I’m glad to serve this country just like my other family members have done before me.”  


Tim Nelson - United States Navy

“I chose to join to serve my country, travel and utilize the education benefits. It has changed my outlook on life in many ways. It has shown me how precious time really is. It also has shown me how important family is and that there is more to this world than just your hometown or state.”

“At 18 years old, joining pushed me to be professional and act a certain way and carry myself a certain way. All in all, people take advantage of a lot of things and when you no longer have those things to take advantage of it forces you to grow up faster.”