Megan Weilandt: Beginning Her Journey

Megan Weilandt

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Winona, MN

Major: Business Administration


Her Campus (HC): What are you most excited for for your freshman year?

Megan Weilandt (MW): I would say that I am most excited to get involved on campus! I currently have an on-campus job and I have applied for Hall Council. I also hope to join a Christian club on campus although I am not sure which one yet.


HC: What are you most nervous for?

MW: I am most nervous about making friends. In high school you know all the people in your classes; even if you've never talked you still know who they are. At WSU this is not the case. I am not the best at making friends but I hope getting involved will help ease the worry of making friends.


HC: What made you decide to stay in your hometown of Winona?

MW: There are multiple reasons why I decided to stay in my hometown for college, the first being I have always been a momma's girl. I wouldn't want to be more than a few hours away from her. Second, Winona is the only home I have ever known; it is so beautiful and I think Winonans definitely take it for granted. Third, of course the price is great, and many possible areas of study also impacted my decision.


HC: What path would you like to follow at WSU?

MW: My major is Business Administration so academically I will be taking courses to fulfill the requirements, since the end goal for me, like most college students, is graduation. I also hope to become a leader at Winona State. I hope to accomplish this by joining groups like Hall Council and stepping into leadership roles. I hope I will be able to make our campus an inviting and fun place to live.

HC: Do you have a dream career for after WSU?

MW: Currently, I am not sure what I want to do after college. All I know is that I hope I am happy in whatever it is that I choose to do.


Catch Megan working on campus in Kryzsko Commons!