Megan Sticha: Homecoming Chair

Megan Sticha: Senior

Hometown: Prior Lake, MN

Major: Business Administration and Human Resources


Her Campus Winona (HC): When did you become involved on the Homecoming committee?

Megan Sticha (MS): I started my time on the Homecoming committee last year as the Elections chair and since then I have loved Homecoming even more! Being a part of something so big that happens on our campus is such a cool experience and being able to say I helped create Homecoming for other students is so cool to say.

HC: What duties do you fulfill as elections chair?

MS: As the elections chair I oversee the elections themselves with the help of some of our IT staff. I also help Coronation Chair with anything they need for the day of Coronation and make sure the Homecoming Court knows where to go and what they are doing. Throughout Homecoming week, I also keep the court involved with the events we put on and keep them up-to-date on where they need to be on what days.


HC: What other positions are there, and how would someone get involved?

MS: There are a total of eight people on the Homecoming committee: Elections chair, Coronation Chair, Spirit week chair which takes two people, T-shirt sales, Pep fest, Parade, social media, and medallion hunt clues author. We also have a Graphics design student who helps Tracy as an intern with the design of the theme and all the PR. It is such a fun committee to be a part of and Tracy is always looking for people to join! She always has interviews toward the end of spring semester and there will also be an online application.

HC: What advice would you give to someone who will be on the committee next year?

MS: I would say try not to feel so overwhelmed with the fact that you are planning Homecoming! It can be a little intimidating, but you have a whole committee and Tracy to help you which is very reassuring. We also have weekly meetings and we always get a lot done in those times. Another piece of advice would be to have fun while you’re planning and executing it! Planning can take so much of your time and worry, but you also have to remember it is your Homecoming too; you are just enjoying it in a different way.


HC: What activities are planned for this year?

MS: Like usual we have a lot of fun stuff planned throughout Homecoming Week! We have coronation on Sunday, October 15th starting at 7:30pm and we will have the Winona State’s Got Talent Show throughout coronation. We will also have the pep fest on that Friday and the parade on that Saturday. We also have the classic medallion hunt clues going on throughout the week as well. We will be bringing back a couple of classic events and also some new ones we are excited about, so make sure to follow us on social media to find out what the schedule is and to stay up-to-date on what is going on.


Facebook: WSU Homecoming Events

Twitter: WSU Homecoming

Instagram: wsu_homecoming_events

HC: What are you most looking forward to?

MS: I love all of our events, but one of my favorite memories and my favorite most of all is the Homecoming parade. I love the energy of the people in the Winona Community and I love seeing all the different types of floats WSU and the community bring to the parade!


If you see Megan on campus, be sure to say hi and be sure to thank her for all the hard work she has done for Homecoming!