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This is a Lost Girl fanfiction. I do not own any of the characters or any of the original plot. I only own Wynter and her plot lines.



10 Years ago…

Unknown POV

I was minding my own business in my cavern when something shook me to the very core. They had found their power, I thought. I used what was left of my depleted magic to find them, but they were separated. Two twin girls each a Fae. I teletransported to the closest one. She was sitting in a library drawing. I walked up to her just to see what she was drawing.

“Hello, dear one,” I said, scaring her slightly.

“Hello,” She whispered very quietly.

“What are you drawing?” She turned the drawing around and I saw a wolf. “Do you know this wolf?” I asked, giving her back her drawing.

“I see him in my dreams. He protects me from things… evil things.”

“What kind of evil things?”

“Evil people with dark powers. I know how crazy it sounds but it’s all I dream about.”

“It doesn’t sound crazy at all. Sometimes I have those dreams too-”

“Wynter, Come on, let’s go,” an elderly woman hollered from the front of the library.

“Coming Nana,” The girl, Wynter hollered back.

“Draw your dreams. I’m sure they will come true,” I said snagging one of the drawings that fell out.

“I’ll do that. What’s your name anyway?” She asked holding her drawings like they were her most prized possession.


I walked into a secluded aisle and teletransported home. I used one of my many possessions to look in on the other twin, a girl named Bo. She had a loving family that she ran away from because she enabled her succubus side. I learned using the drawing that Wynter’s power is the gift of premonition and that she was drawing an old friend, a man by the name of Dyson.

10 Years later… the day Bo found out she was Fae

Emera’s POV

Bo was taken to the glass factory. A neutral territory so that could only mean one thing. They were going to give her the test. It was a test to see if she was strong enough to defeat and Underfae. Not many pass. I was watching from the safety and comfort of my cave-like home. She fought well, for someone so inexperienced, killing the first one. But the pain eater Fae had her in his web. I decided that it would be best that I saw what was going to happen for myself.

I teletransported to the outside of the factory and donned my hooded cape. The guard Fae let me in and I walked down to the battleground. The pain eater was still controlling her mind.

“Bo, wake up!” A voice shouted. Every Fae turned towards the voice and saw a … human girl. “Bo, wake up, damn it!” She continued shouting. “Bo, wake up… Wake up. Bo, he’s killing you!… Wake up! Bo!… Bo! Bo!… Let me go, you big lug head!… Bo! Bo, wake up!”

Bo breaks free from the pain eater and he cowers away. The human cries for help and Bo picked up her fallen dagger and threw it at the guard holding the human hostage.

“She’s mine,” Bo says as the human runs towards her.

“This one has passed the Test,” Ash spoke. “It has been witnessed. Child, you may name your side.”

“Neither!” Bo shouts. The entire room yells in an uproar. It was entirely unheard of to not declare a side… with the exception of yours truly. “I choose humans.” Both the Ash and the Morrigan are displeased to hear that.

“She has chosen,” I said announcing my presence.

“You are not welcome here,” Ash said.

“And yet here I am. Do not forget that I am much older than you. It would be wise to not pick a fight with me. Didn’t your parents ever teach you to respect your elders?” I said giving a glare to the Ash. “I do hope you have thought this through Bo,” I said directing my gaze to Bo

“I have,” She answered determined.

“Very well. Let me be the first and only to congratulate you on joining morally neutral.”

“Wait, I thought all Fae had to pick a side.”

“My upbringing is for another time. There are things that both sides can teach you but first, you need to seek out someone for me. Here is her last known location.” I extend my hand with the information on Wynter. “I suggest you get started-”

“You can’t just come in here and take her like that. You know the rules-” Ash started once more.

“I was there when the rules were written. I do not demand her to stay with me forever unlike your clans. She is free to leave whenever she wishes,” I said still looking at Bo. My hood thankfully hides my face. “This person that she, and only she, needs to find is very important to one of you. I have foreseen it. Besides Bo is the only one who she won’t see coming.”

“I want to send Dyson with her, to ensure that she does not run.”

“I do not control her but be warned. This girl is very… skittish. She will run easily if she sees your lap dog coming-”

“I can stay hidden,” Dyson interrupts.

“As can I and yet every time I visit, she always knows but fine do what you must. Tell the girl that the guardian sent you. She knows what I mean.”

I walked back outside and teletransported back to my home.

Wynter’s POV

I was wiping down the counters at the local diner when a wave of dizziness came over me.

“He’s coming,” I whispered to myself as I saw flashes of images of the man I had been drawing all my life.

Chapter 1:

Wynter’s POV

I woke up the next morning surrounded by my drawings. It was a normal occurrence although the painting that littered my ceiling was new. I laid down on my back and stared at what I had drawn. Two forces, light and dark, were fighting. I was standing in the middle with a girl right next to me and a wolf at my feet. Everything around us was blurred out but we were clear. Shaking off the bad feeling I got out of bed and put everything away. Some of my paint dried out so I made a mental note to get new paint after my shift at Granny’s diner.

After a super-fast shower, I changed into the mandatory uniform, a plain white button-up top with bright red shorts. Not exactly ideal for Maine in the middle of winter but I make do. I decided to just throw my hair up in a ponytail and run for the door. I overslept, again. The walk downtown was a short one, but I noticed a new car on the streets. It was very beaten up, had lots of dings and rust spots. I ignored whoever was in the car and continued on my way to the diner. I hung up my coat and threw on my apron. I watched as two new people got out of the beat-up yellow car and came in here. They sat down at one of the booths… in my section.

“Hi, welcome to Granny’s. What can I get you?” I asked holding my order pad, forcing a small smile.

“Hi. I’ll have the pancakes with a chocolate milkshake,” a brunette girl said looking up at me.

I quickly wrote it down and looked towards my mystery man, waiting for him to answer. “I’ll have the breakfast special and a coffee, black,” he answered, handing me the menus.

“Right away,” I walked off to the kitchen window and gave their order to the chef working in the back. Looking through the tiny window I noticed Nicholas walking in through the back door. I took a quick look and noticed the two new people staring at me. I turned back around and walked towards Nick.

“Nick perfect timing as always,” I greeted walking in the kitchen.

“You do always know when I show up,” he said back to me before beginning to prepare breakfast.

“Darling, I know when everyone shows up. Although there is this girl I didn’t see coming.”

He set down his utensils and turned to face me, “what do you mean you didn’t see her?”

“I mean I was not expecting her today, her companion, on the other hand, I’ve been expecting since yesterday. What do you think that means?”

“I think it means that we need to find out information on them.”

“I can’t exactly ask them questions, you know how socially awkward I am with these things.”

“So be me. Just be tall and confident and try not to spill on them.”

“I’ll do my best.” I took the tray of food from the kitchen to the newcomers. Both of which refused to make eye contact with me, not that I minded. Instead of doing it Nick’s way I just left them alone. Maybe they weren’t staying long after all.

Throughout the day I greeted customers and took orders all the while two sets of eyes were following my every move. The two never left their booth. Nick kept bugging me to talk to them but I refused every time. He as not going to bully me into revealing what I can do to a bunch of strangers. Been there, done that, failed before, and not exactly looking to try again. At the end of my shift, I went back to tell Nick goodbye and I felt one of them following me. I turned around and saw the man following me.

“Nick, walk me home, won’t you?” I asked making sure that the mystery man was listening.

“Sure,” Nick said washing his hands and grabbing his coat.

We walked out the back of the kitchen and around to the front of my apartment. I thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and promised to call him after I got a good rest. He kissed my forehead and walked back to the diner to finish his shift. I quickly got undressed and dressed in a pair of cozy pajamas. I made myself a relaxing cup of hot cocoa and settled down on my couch with a fluffy blanket to go to sleep.

About twenty minutes later I had yet to fall asleep when a knock sounded at my door. I slowly walked, with my blanket wrapped around me, to the front door. I looked through the peephole and saw the two from the diner. The girl raised her fist and knocked again.

I opened my door as far as the chain would allow and asked, “What do you want?”

“We just want to talk,” She said.

“Well, I don’t want to talk to you,” I answered starting to close the door.

“Wait, will you talk to me?” the man asked.

I thought about it for a moment. He I could predict, he I saw all my life, and he is the one that I felt safe with. I unlocked my door and welcomed him in while shutting the door in her face. It was rude, yes, but I didn’t trust her.

“You can sit if you want,” I offered sitting on one end of the couch. He took my offer and sat on the other. “What did you want to talk about?”

“That girl… she’s your sister,” he started. “I really think you should be having this conversation with her.”

“I cannot see her, therefore, I do not trust her.”

“What do you mean?”

I walked over to my desk and pulled out some drawings. “I see things. Things that logically do not make sense.” I handed over the drawings. “I see people with elf ears, and I see this place where good people and bad people come together for a drink. They usually appear in dreams but sometimes they appear when I am awake or when I touch someone. It makes me very weak and tired.”

“When did you do this one?”

It was the pencil sketch of a wolf. “Last night when I saw you coming. I won’t tell anyone, promise.”

“It’s a good likeness.”

“Thanks. What are we?”

“We are Fae. It’s a general term and there are subspecies of Fae, others can explain it better than I can.”

“My sister… does she see things too?”

“No, she’s a succubus.”

“Oh. Do you know what I am?”

“No. We have a doctor who can run some tests and tell you though if you’re interested.”

“Where is it?”

“New York.”

“I’ve always wanted to go to New York.”

“We’re heading back tomorrow if you want a ride.”

“Thank you-” Another knock sounded at the door. The man got up to get it and it was my sister.

“How’s everything going in here?” My sister asked.

“Good. She’s agreed to come back with us,” he answered.

“Any chance I can actually talk to her?”

I proceeded to ignore them while taking my dirty mug to the kitchen. I tried to keep myself busy cleaning up some of my dishes and art supplies, giving them space to talk. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her try to enter but was stopped by my wards.

“Hey, why can’t I get in?” she asked.

“I put wards up around my home. It prohibits people from entering a sacred place,” I answered.

“So how come Dyson could enter?”

Dyson, so that is his name. It suits him. “Because I let him in. It’s my ward, therefore, it obeys me, not him. You may enter.” I was unsure if I trusted her enough, but I knew that we were never going to get anywhere if we were in separate rooms. She slowly walked through the door and sat down on my couch.

“My name’s Bo. What’s yours?”

“Wynter. What are you doing here?”

“The Guardian sent us. Do you know why she sent us?”

“I think I do. Follow me.” I led them into my unkempt room. Once they were in here, I pointed to the ceiling.

“What is this?” Dyson asked sitting down to get a better look.

“I drew it last night. I have no control over the visions and I usually wake up with a new drawing just never on the ceiling before. Judging by the strokes I was laying on the ceiling when I drew this.”

“So, you can levitate?” Bo asked.

“No. At least not during my waking hour. This has never happened before, so I have no idea what happened last night. I wish I could help.”

“You’ve helped plenty. I need to show this to the Ash,” Dyson said walking away while taking out his cell phone.

Bo sat next to me on the bed and asked, “How long have you been able to do this?”

“I don’t ever remember a time when I wasn’t drawing but the dreams started coming true when I was sixteen. What about you? When did you start stealing Chi to survive?” I asked.

“Same time as you, sixteen. So that friend that walked you home… is he… you know, Fae?”

“I don’t really know. I didn’t even know what I was till today.”

“The Ash would like for us to leave now. He said that he will send someone to come look at this,” Dyson said walking back into the room.

“What’s an Ash?” I asked.

“It’s the leader to the Light Fae.”

I laid back on my bed and stared at the drawing. Something big was going to happen and I was more than likely never going to come back here. My predictable life was over. Everything was changing and I didn’t predict it. I didn’t see any of it. How is someone supposed to feel about that? How should I feel about that?

“Are you still coming with us?” Bo asked with a certain caution in her voice almost like she was expecting me to run.

“Yeah. I want answers but I retain the right to come back at any time,” I negotiated.

“I’m sure we can work something out,” Dyson assured.

“I guess I should start packing.”

“Do you want help?” Bo offered.

“I got it but thanks.” I moved off of my bed and towards the back of my closet to grab my suitcases. They left the room and I packed my clothes. Once my clothes were packed, I moved onto my art supplies. After they were packed, I went into the living room and grabbed some family photos and a few other essentials from the bathroom. I left a message for Nick telling him that I was leaving and to call me when he got it.

“All set?” Bo asked.

I took one last look around the place I called home for the last few years and slowly nodded my head. This place held no more answers, New York does.



My name is Sydney. I am currently a Junior at Winona State University. I love to write short stories and fantasy stories. I am an avid Disney fan.
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