Living Minimally During the Holidays

It’s not that I don’t like decorations or holidays, but some people are a little extreme. Their enthusiasm about buying useless decorations makes me question if they truly value the holidays. So, here are my words of advice on how to live a more minimalist life this winter season, starting with festive decor.


1. You guessed it: skip the new decor.

I admit, this is challenging! We already have a string of lights surrounding our houses, tangled in multiple trees, and even inside multiple rooms of our homes. We own a Christmas tree plus a few mini ones scattered in each corner. Let’s not forget about the uncountable pine-scented candles, hand towels, and placemats. Need I say more? I don’t know about you, but we all have so much already! Take a step and realize you have enough. Christmas won’t be any less special because you didn’t buy that sparkly red candle holder.


2. Limit gift-giving.

I can’t remember the last time my family actually stuffed our stockings (wait, do we even own stockings anymore?). I also remember that my mom would always give us only 3 presents (because Jesus only got 3), which is extremely helpful for larger families. This encourages kids to prioritize what they really want or need. Plus, living in America, I’m sure many of us get almost anything we ask our parents for, no matter if it’s a holiday or not. Limiting how many gifts are given is a great way to save money, time, and space. Bonus points if you ask a family member if they even want to gift exchange. Is life not more than tangible items that waste away faster than we do?


3. Eat fueling foods.

If you think about it, the holidays surely wouldn’t be complete without cookies, hot chocolate, or any sweets readily available at all times. But if we think about it a little longer, filling our bodies with sugar results in less energy and more stress—two things we don’t want, especially during Christmas season! Try buying foods you know will fuel you throughout the long days that are exhausting because of the gloomy sky alone. Buy what you know will get eaten; sadly, food waste is typical after celebrating a holiday. Less sugar, more energy for fun!


4. Turn off the T.V.

Sure, Christmas movies and dramatized shows are a decent way to relax., but who’s going to remember that experience? Christmas is about making memories and celebrating traditions with family! There are endless things to do other than eat, gossip, and feel like a lump in front of the fireplace when with family. Heck, you could even make some new traditions—like building a snowman with a chocolate kiss as a nose.


All of these things are difficult for many of us, but it’s important to be aware of how we’re spending the holidays. Do something special, you can bake and watch TV any day! I think it’s important to count each blessing, tell someone we’re grateful for them, and give back. The holiday seasons are a perfect opportunity for this, but it’s not any less appreciated throughout the entire year. Go out of your way for someone and out of your comfort zone this winter!