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Walt Disney created masterpieces that still resonate with viewers today, decades later. Even after Disney’s time, Disney and Pixar movies have continued the legacy. Besides the obvious cute factor, Disney movies also offer many life lessons and bits of advice.You’re never too old to listen to them.


One of the lessons that I especially take to heart is from Peter Pan: Never grow up. Just because you are physically growing older doesn’t mean that you also have to emotionally and mentally grow older.

This is probably one of the more well-known pieces of advice since it comes from a recent movie, but that doesn’t mean it’s not just as valid. If Dory, who can’t remember what happened ten seconds ago, can be this positive about life, anyone should be able to follow her advice and just keep swimming.

Life shouldn’t be boring; you should make the most of it! If you look hard enough, you will discover that adventure is out there.

The little girls who grew up watching the classics may have been under the impression that a happy ending can only happen with a prince; I know I was. Some of the newer Disney movies, however, are proving that you can succeed in life without a guy.

​Sometimes bad people are just plain bad people, but oftentimes they are simply misunderstood.

Blood doesn’t always determine family.

Hakuna Matata: everyone probably knows this means “no worries.” Sometimes you just need to take a step back and temporarily push your problems aside. Focus on the positives in life.

Don’t assume a stereotype based on outward appearance. If you missed all of these references and themes in Zootopia, you should probably re-watch it (it’s on Netflix!).

Something you hate about yourself could be what someone else loves. Differences make us unique.

This last bit of advice comes from the man himself. As Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” And he sure did it.

Cassie is a senior from Eagle, WI. She is pursuing a major in English with a writing emphasis and minoring in Applied and Professional Writing and Psychology. She hopes to one day work for an editing or publishing company and write books on the side. There are few things she loves more than Disney and Bernie Sanders, except maybe animals.
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