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A Letter of Encouragement to My Besties

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winona chapter.

Dear Bestie,


Look how far you’ve come! You’ve survived your first year of college, and you’re already into your second. I know things get hard. You start to wonder if this path is for you AND if money and time are even worth it? You might want to go home every weekend. Well guess what? You’re going to be so much better at life because of what you’re struggling with right now. This tough journey of school prepares you for the journey of life that awaits. Try not to think about life after college as your destination. Take things day by day.


Did you know that everything you’re doing is for a specific reason? That two-hour class and that painful stubbed toe: they both have their reasons. I know you have the strength in you to study for one more exam. You have what it takes to face every day, even if you overslept and now you feel flustered the whole day. Good thing tomorrow is a new day.


Find the motivation to get out of bed today, say hi to someone new, and eat your breakfast. Stop telling yourself you can’t because you definitely can! Look in the mirror, stand tall, and tell yourself, “I can do today.” Just today. Until it’s tomorrow, because you can do tomorrow, too. Your thoughts might consist of, “I’m not smart enough for this class,” “I don’t belong here,” and “I’m not needed.” We’ve all been there, and we are still there from time to time. This is your chance to replace those draining thoughts with words of life: “I can focus today,” “I am strong,” “I am loved,” and “I am enough.


Your heart is so big with such potential to love! Start by loving yourself and accepting the way you were created. It’s time to start seeing life as more than just getting good grades and having fun on the weekends. What are you doing that is making you grow? Are you going out of your way for someone?


Did you know that I pray for you every day? I thank God for blessing me with you! I pray that you rely on His strength instead of your own. People will always fail you, but He won’t. I pray that you can see the love He’s trying to give if you would accept it. Life is a big, purposeless mess without Him. And when life gets crazy, I pray that you’re praying to Him, too.




Gretchen is a junior at Winona State University majoring in Health Ed and Phy Ed with minors in Adaptive PE and Adventure Ed! She enjoys all things outdoors, she's a peanut butter fanatic, and Proverbs 31:26 is her favorite Bible verse. Gretchen is an RA in the resident halls and a Small Group Leader for a campus ministry, and she enjoys all the Lord equips her to do!