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Leg Hair, Don’t Care: My Personal Feelings on Not Shaving

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winona chapter.

Listen, I get it. You’re used to seeing girls with soft, supple, dolphin skin. Even the girls in razor commercials are hairless! And honestly, I do sometimes shave my legs when I want to have that skin-against-fresh-sheets feel.


However, most of the time, my legs have hair. A lot of it, if we’re going by today’s societal standards; and it doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s getting warmer out, so I’ve been wearing shorts more often and some people are quick to point out that I have, in fact, not shaven.


My question is, who gives a f*ck?


Seriously, there are way bigger fish to fry. Body hair grows on everyone, everywhere; removing it is more unnatural than letting it grow. When I first started talking to my S.O., I told him that I don’t like to shave my legs, and if that’s an issue then he can try shaving. I made it very clear that I will not be held to a different or higher standard than him, because that’s bullsh*t and we all know it.


See, it’s perfectly okay to shave to do it for you because you like the feeling. The problem arises when women are shamed and made to seem gross or unhygienic when they decide not to shave! I don’t shave my legs because it’s time-consuming, it’s hard to keep up with, and I have saved a lot on razors and shaving products. I’m still clean, I’m still confident, and I’m still desirable.


To those who identify as female: you don’t gotta shave to be sexy!


To those who identify as male: you don’t gotta not shave to be manly!


Gender roles take control of how we present ourselves in more ways than we often realize. It’s true—your body is a temple; and you can do whatever the f*ck you want with it.

Bryn is a freshman at Winona State, with an undecided major. She is a fan of wildlife, watercolor painting, documentaries, activism, word finds, and the oxford comma. You can contact her via email or ouija board.
| 2018-20 Club President/Campus Correspondent | Hailey Seipel is a senior at Winona State University who is studying Applied & Professional Writing and Journalism. She has been passionate about writing ever since she was little, and a dream of hers is to author poetry, sci-fi and romance novels. Until then, she is interested in working as a creative/blog writer, technical editor or project coordinator after graduating. In her free time, Hailey enjoys listening to music and reading leisurely.