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Julia Sand: A Woman On a Mission

Meet this week’s campus celebrity Julia Sand! Originally from Zimmerman, MN, Julia is a senior majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Child Advocacy Studies. If you happen to catch Julia on campus, you will see her speed walking with a big smile, to her many destinations.

Julia is the Editor in Chief for the Winonan newspaper that is located here on campus. Her role is to oversee the editors and make sure all of the correct edits are made before distributing the newspaper. She is always looking for writers to produce articles for several different categories.

When she is not meeting publishing deadlines for the Winonan, she remains busy maintaining her position as Executive Director for the Up ‘Til Dawn club. This is a Winona chapter club that raises money for St. Jude’s Hospital. She helps to organize the Up ‘Til Dawn event which takes place each fall, in order to fundraise. She has a lot of fun setting up the many activities that take place in Talbot Gym. Her favorite parts are the food eating contests, duct tape outfit contest, and the unexpected dance parties that have occurred, all while raising money for a great cause.

If you find Julia in Phelps Hall, she is most likely found running the meetings for the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) as the President. Beginning her presidency her sophomore year, Julia has helped raise the steady membership from 8 to 20 members. She organizes tours and encourages students in the Public Relations field to find their niche.

Juggling roles as an Editor in Chief, Executive Director, and President of her clubs, Julia is also a barista at Blooming Grounds Coffee House. While fueling her love for coffee, the perks of the job are the customers. Julia mentions that what makes Winona so unique is how nice the people are in the community, which she will be sad  to leave come graduation.

But at the end of the day Julia can find pleasure in the serenity of her home. Since she is chit chatting all day, she likes coming home, sitting on her couch, plopping her feet up, and watching an episode (or three) of Gilmore Girls.

Following graduation in May, Julia is off to New York City. There, she hopes to pursue her dream of becoming a Public Relations professional while interning for the company Skyya Communications.

When asked what words she lives by, this came quite easily to her. She gave a quote from one of her favorite movies, Country Strong, which mentions “Fall in love with as many things as possible.” Julia has quite a bright future ahead of her and we wish her much luck in her many future endeavors.


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