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Jewelry Lovers, Meet Daniela!

Daniela Eguizabal is more than just your average student at WSU. Daniela is a sophomore nursing student who loves to hike, read, write, and happens to make beautiful jewelry! Originally from Santiago, Chile, Daniela has an eye for art and can take a simple stone found in nature and turn it into a stunning piece of jewelry.

Daniela has been collecting rocks and stones throughout her life locally and from travel destinations and would use them as decoration in her bedroom. “I find great beauty in the many ways nature can present itself, especially the formation of an incredible variety of gems and stones,” Daniela said. After a visit to a local bead shop in Wisconsin, Daniela began to turn her stones into pendants. She explains how she got started in this facet of creation: “It really just began as an interest that flourished into a hobby. I always knew I was creative but I never seemed to find the right outlet to express it through… ‘Conventional’ art seemed to bypass me on the talent train.”

After purchasing wire and basic tools, Daniela began to turn her rock and stone collection into beautiful pieces of wearable art. When asked why she enjoys making jewelry, Daniela described that it is a way to be creative and that it is therapeutic for her and a way to de-stress after a long day. She also loves seeing her rare finds being turned into pieces that people are proud to wear.

Currently, Daniela is making pendants with her stones, beads, and wire, but hopes to branch out to creating rings someday. She began making the pendants for herself, but then decided to gift them to friends and family. After an abundance of praise and realization that she has a real talent that needs to be shared, Daniela now creates pendants to sell and also takes custom orders. When creating a custom piece, “I find inspiration in that person. I love to personalize the pendant to their character. I’ll find a bead that matches their eye color or if that person is more simplistic in their sense of style then I’ll keep the wire wrapping to a minimum.”

Daniela has created an Instagram page, @DS_Dangles https://www.instagram.com/ds_dangles/?hl=en, where she displays completed pendants that are available for purchase. She makes one at a time to ensure that each piece is made with tender, loving care. If you are interested in a consultation for a custom piece, or would like to check out her completed pieces, visit her Instagram page for more details. Daniela finishes by saying, “If anyone reads this and would like a pendant, I would be more than happy to work with them one on one to create something just right for them. It is so much fun for me to create them and especially so when I can bring a smile to someone’s face with what I made with my own hands.”

Haley Anderson graduated from Winona State University with a degree in mass communication: public relations and a minor in marketing. Haley is a firm believer that a shopping trip at Target, a peppermint mocha, and a quick stop at Chipotle can solve all of her problems. She enjoys traveling, jamming out to the newest hits on the radio with friends, trying out happy hours at local bars and restaurants, and pinning outfit ideas and dream travel destinations on Pinterest.
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