Jenna Adams: Little Miss Sunshine

Name: Jenna Adams

Year: Senior




Her Campus (HC): Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Jenna Adams (JA): I am a senior at Winona State, I love Winona and I am so excited and proud to be graduating next semester! My major is English: Literature and Language and my minor is Spanish. In my free time, I love to write (mostly poetry), play guitar, dance like a dork, and do anything outside. I am an extreme extrovert. I am passionate about people and learning all I can about others in order to help them succeed. I pride myself on taking any opportunity to broaden my horizons throughout my life. I love to travel, and I went on a travel study to Peru last semester where I saw some amazing things such as ancient ruins, cathedrals, and I hiked through the rainforest.



Jenna, dancing like a dork


HC: Why did you choose to come to Winona State?

JA: My mom was an adjunct professor at WSU and I had seen the campus a number of times; but when I toured it during my winter break, I felt completely at home. I chose Winona for its outdoor atmosphere and the small-campus feel it has.


HC: What made you chose your major/minor?

JA: I love languages, and I believe in the power of words as tools for humanity. I have struggled in school ever since I was young, but I found my strength to continue with my studies in English. Writing has provided me with a voice and reading has enriched my life in more ways than I can describe, so English seemed like the obvious choice for my major.





HC: What made you want to join a sorority? Were there more than one that you were thinking about before deciding on Phi Theta Chi?

JA: A friend of mine from my freshman year convinced me to come to a rush event with her so that she wouldn’t have to go alone. I was excited about the idea of having a group of supportive women to hang out with. I only rushed Phi Theta Chi because I knew it was the sorority I fit into the best.


HC: What does Phi Theta Chi mean to you? Has it helped you in ways you wouldn’t have even imagined?

JA: Phi Theta Chi is my second family, and it means so many different things at different points in my college experience. It means always having someone to be with you when you’re lonely, need to study, want to get food, or need a dress to try on for a formal occasion. Phi Theta Chi is about all of the little things each member does for one another. Although each sister is very different from one another, our differences bring us together and make us whole. Phi Theta Chi has helped me in many ways that I wouldn’t have imaginedmainly the improvements I have made in academics which I attribute to the study hours I have to complete in the library.





HC: Do you have a role in the sorority? If so, can you describe what it is?

JA: My role in the sorority is as arête, and I am required to serve on my executive board for my position. As arête, my role is to help the new members become sisters of the sorority and to provide them support in any way I can.





HC: What is your favorite part of Phi Theta Chi?

JA: My favorite part of Phi Theta Chi is the people that I have met because of it. I love every person I have met in the sorority, and I wouldn’t trade those relationships for anything in the world.


HC: How is Phi Theta Chi different from the other Greek-life organizations on campus?

JA: Phi Theta Chi is a local organization, so this means members of our organization can choose what goes in our Constitution. It allows for our voices to be heard more during meetings and about certain rules we have. We have a bunch of unique philanthropy causes we support such as women’s health, with an emphasis on breast cancer and domestic violence. Although Phi Theta Chi is a smaller organization, I personally believe our size allows for our members to get to know each other on an even deeper personal level.





HC: Will anything you learned from Phi Theta Chi continue to live on through you once you graduate, whether it be morals, memories, or friendships?

JA: I have learned how to work with people I don’t get along with, and ultimately how to see the best in everyone. Time management has been a huge skill I have had to develop in order to get everything required of me done.  I also learned that everyone has good in their hearts, and no one has bad intentions. This perspective will always be with me, and I am forever grateful for the sorority for helping me to learn those lessons.


HC: If you knew of anyone that was hesitant to join greek life, what would you tell them about your experience?

JA: I would tell them that everyone has their own niche in the Winona State community, and it is up to you to decide where you feel most at home. For me, I found a loving family in Phi Theta Chi, and I believe there is a place for everyone in my sorority. I would tell anyone hesitant to join Greek life that they are bound to find a place in such a diverse community of people.


Hopefully after reading this profile, you learned a little more about Little Miss Sunshine, Jenna Adams, and all the positivity she brings with her on this campus!