Jemimah Akhimien: Nigerian Busy Bee

Name: Jemimah Akhimien

Major:  Advertising

Year: Junior

Hometown: Abuja, Nigeria


HC (Her Campus Winona): As an international student, what made you choose this university over others?

Jemimah: They offer my specific concertation, advertising. Other universities I applied to had just mass communication. I also love the color purple. WSU was also a way cheaper option for me. Finally, I wanted to go to a university in a state with four seasons because I was craving the full American experience.

HC: Tell us about the transition from Nigeria to the US?

J: It was hard. Still is hard, but it’s been good. Just like a roller coaster, smooth in some areas and then bumpy in others. I’m still home sick and it has been 2 years. I have family in Maryland, but it still feels really weird. It’s hard not being able to do certain things I would usually do in my country. In general, it just feels lonely sometimes. I still call fries “chips,” I still say hostels instead of dorms, I say lift-elevator, biscuits for cookies, I say football instead of soccer, I say boot rather than trunk, I say flat for apartment, and that’s just the beginning of the list. From this, you can only imagine how conversations go. People are always trying to figure out what I’m trying to say. From the way people talk, to the food, but my goodness do not get me started on the food, it’s all different. Don’t get me wrong, I like it here, but there’s basically no place like home.  


HC: What extracurricular have you been a part of during your time at WSU?

J: I’m involved with the International Club, Housing and Residence Life, and AdFed. I stay pretty busy.

HC: What inspires you?

J: A lot of things inspire me, but music does it for sure.

HC: West Café or Main?

J: West, all the way!

HC: Coffee or Tea?

J: Tea

HC: Summer or Winter?

J: Summer

If you ever get a chance to simply just talk to Jemimah, take it. She is a one of a kind, beautiful soul.