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Being busy with school, work, and my personal life, it can be difficult to relax and relieve the stress of the day. Usually, writing and creating art is a great way for me to ease my worries but sometimes I’m too tired to do that. Laying down and listening to music is a common way for me to relax after a long day. Here are five Spotify playlists that can jam out to keep the stress away.

1. Being blinded by a ray of sunshine named Hinata shoyo

This playlist is a light-hearted and hopeful playlist. It consists of mostly love songs that make it feel like the sun is shining on you. 

2. Chill Hits

Chill Hits playlist is a combination of “chill” songs. Most of them have acoustic vibes with very little bass and all of the feels. 

3. Burning down the hero commission building with dabi

This playlist is one I listen to after a day of frustration and anger. A lot of the songs have heavy bass and electric guitar presence. It has more of a darker tone compared to the other playlists listed. 

4. Because hanahaki is a real disease

I actually created this playlist. All of the songs are sad and heartbreaking. I listen to this playlist whenever I want to belt out tunes or have a good cry session. 

5. Anime Lofi Playlist (for chill, study, sleep) 

This is a chill lofi playlist that I listen to when I feel restless or need to focus on homework. The songs are from a variety of animes.

Music is an essential part of my everyday life along with many other peoples. If you love music as much as I do, I hope this helped broaden your music taste. Happy listening!

I am an Applied and Professional Writing Major at Winona State University. I enjoy writing and art during my free hours. A fun fact is that I am nicknamed "Mom" by my roommates.
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