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I Still Miss You

Though it has been seven years since my grandma, six since my grandpa, and three since my great-grandma passed away, I still, and always will, miss them.


I don’t miss them every day, but sometimes it just hits me. Whether that be when I come across a picture that I have hanging up, a windy day, or a certain song that is playing, I remember the grandparent that is associated with that particular event and I feel a moment of sadness and shed a few tears if the moment is particularly strong.


I miss the trips we would take over to my grandparents’ house when we would spend the day in their kitchen playing tic-tac-toe or coloring at the kitchen table. I especially miss Christmas Eve at their house. I miss sitting in my great-grandma’s living room, eating the M&M’s out of her candy dish and working on the puzzle that she was completing in another room. I also miss having a birthday buddy.


I’m gonna be selfish for a moment. It sucks that they are not around to see what I have accomplished or what I have planned for the future. I wish they could see how much I have grown and learned from all my experiences that I wish I could share with them. I also want to tell them of all the dumb things that I have done in my life, because I know that they would laugh and ask why I would do something like that. I feel cheated somehow that I was not able to spend the same amount of time with them compared to other family members.


As I write this, I cannot help but cry a little. I love remembering them and the memories I had with them.



My advice to you is that if you miss someone, cry a little–it’s good for you. And remember everything you can about them because that’s how they stick around.


Meet Linsey Taylor, one of the campus correspondents for the Winona State Her Campus chapter. Linsey is a senior majoring in Therapeutic Recreation with a minor in psychology and hopes to become a child life specialist with her degree. In her free time, Linsey enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends and family.
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