I Interviewed My Boyfriend in Honor of National Boyfriend Day: Here's What He Said

Let me first start this article by stating that I, personally, believe National Boyfriend Day (Oct. 3) is just another made-up holiday for the avid Instagrammers and you will definitely not find me posting anything sappy on my feed to commemorate the occasion on Thursday. Instead, I bring to you a candid interview with my boyfriend, Kyle Scott, where I ask him all the tough questions about our relationship.


Kyle and I started dating in high school and now we’ve been together for almost two years! I originally planned on writing an article going through and telling our story, starting with the dark days of high school and ending with how we both found ourselves at a small college in Minnesota, but it didn’t seem right to tell our story without having Ky be a part of it, so I brought him along for the ride.


Tiegue Elliott (TE): I should probably start with an easy question; do you remember our first date? Where was it?

Kyle Wecker (KW): Our first unofficial date? We went shopping and bought some craft supplies for your senior night poster for volleyball. Then, we went to Culvers and got some ice cream with our free scoops. 


TE: Were you nervous? (Kyle apparently thought this was a very funny question because he couldn’t stop laughing after I asked.)

KW: Hell yeah, I was nervous. I was super nervous because I had never hung out with a girl and it was my first date, so I didn’t want to it screw up. It was scary. (It really was his first date ever, which I figured out later down the line, but our first date was not scary and he is being way too dramatic for this interview.)


TE: How and where did we meet for the first time?

KW: I remember that we were at a mutual friend's birthday party and when I made a contact for your number in my phone, you were so surprised that I spelled your name right on the first try.


TE: My name is kind of tricky to spell the first time, so I still don’t know how you got it right.

KW: I definitely was not stalking your Instagram or anything. But yeah, that was the first time we met and I thought you were pretty cool. (He absolutely was stalking my Instagram, and he still thinks I’m pretty cool.) 



TE: We’ve gone on quite a few road trips together. What’s your favorite and why?

KW: We’ve had so many that it’s hard to choose, but I think coming to Winona together for the first time was something I’ll always remember. I had a basketball tournament and you had registration the same weekend, so we drove up together and I got to see the campus with you for the first time. I don’t know, I had never been up here before and it was just kind of special to be here with you. (We both ended up in Winona, and we’re super happy about it. This quiet town has officially become home sweet home for us both.)


TE: Here’s a question I’m looking forward to: what do I do that annoys you sometimes?

KW: That’s a hard one because you’re pretty awesome.


TE: Okay, that’s such a bad lie.

KW: Okay well, I would say that you’re always looking out for other people instead of looking out for yourself. You’re unselfish and sometimes you just worry so much about other people that you drop everything that you’re doing to help, and yeah, that can be a little annoying sometimes. (This was actually a good answer and I am semi-impressed that he came up with that so quickly, so good job, Ky.)


TE: Okay last question: what’s your favorite memory that we have together? 

KW: It was me, you, and Duece (my 250-pound Saint Bernard), and we would have sleepovers and he would always keep us up, but sometimes he would snuggle with us and that was happy.


TE: Why is that your favorite? 

KW: Because it was you, me, and a dog and that’s how I want my life to be for a really long time. (Another good answer, proud girlfriend right here.)



Me, Kyle, and a dog is how I also see my life sometime down the road. Trust me, I am so excited to keep making memories with my favorite dude, but National Boyfriend Day doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate all the time, and it doesn’t even have to be with a boyfriend. Spend time with your friends, your family, or the people you love every chance you get because you don’t need a fictional holiday to love and appreciate somebody. So yes, while I will be giving Kyle an extra hug on Thursday, I will also be spending the day with some of my favorite people, in my favorite place, feeling extremely lucky that I have so many people to spend my time with... especially my super cool boyfriend.