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How To Be Happy: Mind, Body, and Soul

We have reached the point in the school year where motivation can be tough to find. We are so close to the end of the year, which means, professors will be piling on the work. I find this to be stressful and sometimes amidst all the chaos I forget to take time to focus on me and to just take a moment to breathe and be happy. If we all took a little time out of our busy schedules to make sure we are happy, I think we would find the inspiration and motivation to finish out the year strong.

Having a happy mind can be difficult. With all the negativity in the world and all the pressure placed upon us by school, society, and sometimes even friends and family, we can easily forget how unique and amazing we all are. Luckily, there are ways to restore this. Things that help me are encouraging quotes. I love quotes. I set my phone background as one of my favorite little sayings and it really does inspire me throughout the day. Another thing that can be helpful is listening to your favorite happy, upbeat song. It’ll perk you right up leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer whatever comes next. My final suggestion for this is not always easy with a busy schedule, but reading a good book can be beneficial. It clears your mind of the other chaos happening around you and allows you to slip into your own world for a little while. P.S. I am currently reading a book called “Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World” by Emily P. Freeman and it is great: 10/10 would recommend.

As college students, a healthy body doesn’t always seem attainable, but it is! All it takes is a little exercise and putting healthy fuel into your body. Most doctors recommend only 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. 30 minutes is not much and it will make you feel good! Hello happy endorphins! Also, eating fruits and veggies will improve both the way you feel and the way you look so you really can’t go wrong by eating as much of both as possible. The final key to a happy body would be hydration. Drink as much water as you possibly can. Bringing a water bottle with you wherever you go is an easy way to remember to do this. It will improve your skin, get rid of any bloating you might have, and improve your overall mood. Water is the key #blessup.

Most people probably don’t think much about having a healthy soul or even what it means to have a healthy soul. I think a healthy soul is unique to each and every one of us. For me, a healthy soul is being forgiving and accepting of all things and spending time with Jesus. This isn’t always easy with stress and all the other things that are going on in our lives. Next time you feel yourself getting angry with a classmate or professor, I challenge you to take a deep breath. Inhale the good and exhale the bad because holding on to these things will not do you any good. Focus on the good things in life and not only your soul but your body and mind will thank you as well!

Taking the time to be happy in all aspects is important but not often done. During this week reflect on your happiness and find ways to improve it. Feel free to try some of my suggestions but don’t be afraid to experiment on your own, do what is best for you. Go after what you want, do what you love, and happiness will be yours. Let it guide you to find the inspiration to keep pushing and finish out this semester to the best of your ability! I believe in you, so you should, too!

Abby is a marketing major from Burlington, Wisconsin. Typical places you can find her include the gym, coffee shops, or in bed watching netflix. She enjoys online shopping (it can be done from bed & there is nothing better than that), Pinterest, Starbucks, going on adventures, reading, and dogs. She also loves to laugh and spend time with friends and family. Her life goals include owning her own business, traveling the world, and having a family.
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