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How to be BeYOUtiful: 3 Reminders for National Inner Beauty Day

Inner Beauty Day was created in 2017 to celebrate the beauty within everyone. Inner beauty emphasizes the importance of a person on the inside. Someone’s character can be seen by how they treat another person and can be described as something that’s experienced through the way a person acts, instead of focusing on their appearances. Inner beauty holds the idea of being your true self. 


Here are some little self-reminders of who you could be in the future if you let your inner beauty flow through you.


1. You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress. 

Allow yourself to fail. It’s okay to not do as good as you want to. Also, allow people around you to fail. Failing allows yourself and others around you to learn how to be a better person through their mistakes. 


2. No beauty shines greater than that of a good heart.

The world today focuses mainly on outer beauty and appearances. Social media forces the notion of changing yourself to fit in and to get people to like you. Our world thrives off making people feel bad about themselves. Let them know that they’re wrong! Living authentically to your true self brings out the best in a person, inside and out. 


3. Lastly, outer beauty is a gift. Inner beauty is an accomplishment. 

This is my favorite quote. So many people are focused on how they appear to others. They change their face, focus on their weight and seek validation from their looks. If that energy was turned inwards and focused on becoming a better person, the world would be an amazing place to live in. 


Remember these as you go about your life: Inner Beauty Day is a day to celebrate kindness and joy throughout the world. Show a little bit of love daily and let your inner beauty blossom!


Meet Hannah Petersen! Hannah is a writer for Her Campus at Winona State University. She is in her senior year and studying social work and music. Hannah hopes to work with people who have been diagnosed with disabilities after she graduates. In her free time, Hannah enjoys reading, watching Netflix, listening to music, and spending time at all the coffee shops in Winona.
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