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Hanna Leadstrom: Taking the PR World by Storm

Haven’t met Hanna yet? Then you are sincerely missing out. Hanna is the sweetest, most hard working PR girl to roam this campus. Hanna is an extremely active individual on campus; her list is endless. She is a WhatRUWearing Ambassador for Winona State, which is a fashion forum for women interested in today’s top trends. As an ambassador, Hanna contributes to the company’s app, WRUW, which is available in the app store. They host an annual WRUW event for women around campus who are interested in fashion in any way.  

Hanna is also an active member of PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) and ADFED (Advertising Federation) on campus, and you can find her sitting in on those meetings weekly. Hanna has recently joined the marketing committee for Dream Closet, which is a new non-profit that will be introduced to Winona later this spring. Dream Closet’s goal is to bring gently used clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc. to people in need. Along with all of these wonderful duties, Hanna is one of our very own talented social media directors for Her Campus Winona, as well as a very active writer. “My favorite part of being on the social media team is to be able to use my voice through these platforms in an anonymous way,” Hanna says, laughing. Along with writing for Her Campus, Hanna is a contributing writer for Elite Daily, which you may have seen pop up here or there on your Facebook page. Read her first article here: http://elitedaily.com/life/college-question-graduate/1255785/


If you think her list of involvement ends there, you are sadly mistaken. Hanna is also a campus ambassador for the Student Advertising Summit (SAS). “SAS is a one-day networking event for people interested in the advertising, public relations, and marketing industries,” says Hanna. This event is held at the McNamara Alumni Center at the University of Minnesota, which has been taking place for 17 years. “SAS is basically the equivalent to the Super Bowl for students and transitioning professionals interested in the creative industry,” stated Hanna, “At a glance, 200-300 people attend this event, ranging across seven states.” The day consists of breakfast, two keynote speakers (Kristin Bitter; Director of Marketing at Coca-Cola and John Osborn; the CEO and President at BBDO), portfolio reviews and ends with a tour of an advertising agency in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, followed by happy hour. For more information about this event visit: www.ad2sas.org or register here: http://www.adfed.org/events/student-advertisting-summit-uofm-mcnamara-alumni-center/

When asked what her dream job is, Hanna said, “This question is always a hard one for me because my dream job can change as fast as I can say medium vanilla latte, please. However, I do find myself daydreaming about running my own Public Relations (PR) agency one day, working for top-notch clients. If that fails, I’d love to work at E! News as a correspondent.  If that fails, I know I would make a pretty kick a** flight attendant.” In five years, Hanna can see herself working her way up the ranks at an agency, taking her golden retriever on runs every Saturday morning and traveling.


This rock star PR girl is clearly going places. How she has time to breathe is beyond us here at Her Campus Winona, but she says it is so important to know when to kick back, relax and enjoy life with your friends. After a busy week of school, you can find her with a glass of wine in hand, ready to brave the crowd at Gabby’s or Market. Hanna, we applaud you and cannot wait to see you taking PR by storm in the near future.

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