When I found a poster for “Valley Scare,” an event hosted by UPAC, I thought, “I should go there!” On September 28th, I went to the haunted event “ValleyScare” at Valleyfair with my friends. I am an exchange student from Japan, so it was the first time I got to visit there and experience American Horror Night; this is also my first writing article! I love watching scary movies and streams of other people playing video games on YouTube such as Dead by Daylight, so I really loved the atmosphere of ValleyScare.


Inside it was shrouded in ominous mist, and beyond the mist, there were a lot of scary and weird characters everywhere. Wherever I went, I encountered them suddenly. Some of them made big sounds, so I was really startled! 

There were the special Halloween haunt attractions: 4 indoor mazes, 2 outdoor mazes, 4 outdoor scare zones, and 4 entertainments. You can get more information about the attractions here.

Among of them, I went to one of the indoor mazes called "Mr. Cleaver’s Bloodshed." The atmosphere of this attraction is similar to the famous horror movie, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. At the start, I tried to keep raising my head. However, I looked down gripping my friend’s jacket until the end (CAUTION: it is not safe to keep looking down because there are surprises from under the floor)!!


The inside park has beautiful Halloween decorations! It might be fun to disguise yourself as a killer, zombie, and/or a witch! You can take Instagram-worthy photos in the eerie and mysterious atmosphere!

Although some attractions didn’t work on the day I went (a part of the area closed down during ValleyScare), I really enjoyed six attractions during 3 hours, including dinner time! Actually, I don’t like haunted houses, so I was frightened before I went. But it was so much fun, and it was not as scary as I thought. I think a person who doesn’t like horror can enjoy the Halloween haunt in there if you can sense when creepy characters approach you as soon as possible! I felt the haunted mood made it double the fun!

There is good news for students! If you present any student or school ID at the ticket gate, you can get a ticket to ValleyScare for just $19.99 plus tax from September 28th-October 26th. That’s $22 off the front gate price!


It was a great experience for me to enjoy the American Halloween atmosphere in the amusement park! I went on the coldest day of September, but I had so much fun that I forgot about the cold weather. I hope I could have an opportunity to go to it again! If you’d like more information, feel free to click here.