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Guydance: What Guys Find Attractive

Dear Guydance,

What do guys find most attractive in girls?



Dear Anonymous,

Contrary to popular belief, guys care about more than looks. After talking to multiple guys from different backgrounds, who have different tastes and different styles, I’ve found these five things to be the most appealing in one way or another.

1.  The Way She Carries HerselfA lot can be told just through how someone presents himself or herself, and confidence is key. Guys take notice to a girl who is assertive and knows what she wants. Some guys are better than others at picking up vibes so if you want the man you’re crushing on to know without a doubt that you’re interested, you should be more clear than just smiling at him in passing.

2.  Her StyleStyle isn’t all about who you wear, and how much you spent on those items. Style also pertains to your personality and how the two coincide. Sexy comes in all forms. It can be found in slim fitting clothing, loose fitting or the combination of the two. Our generation also has the added benefit of trending styles spanning from multiple decades. Men’s hairstyles from the 40’s and 50’s, bold-frame glasses from the 60’s, tie-die from the 70’s, jean jackets from the 80’s, and plaid from the 90’s. Clearly, I’m overgeneralizing but you see my point. These items, if worn correctly, can turn heads at the local watering hole.

3.  Her PersonalityA woman’s personality is the defining point of what can establish her as a good friend, acquaintance, partner, or enemy. I’ve found that guys find a good sense of humor to be very appealing. Guys want to be able to joke with their girlfriends. This is also why it’s common to have romantic feelings for a close friend, because you are very comfortable with them and able to joke about subjects that would normally come across as off-putting.

4.  Her BrainsAlthough sometimes intimidating, a woman who his both street smart and book smart is very sexy. If the guy is interested in spending more than just a night with you, chances are he’s going to want a different kind of stimulation. In this case, I’m referring to intellectual conversation.

5.  The Company She KeepsThis one isn’t especially crucial, but it helps. If a guy is into you, he could care less who your friends are. But a key aspect to maintaining a good relationship with your partner is to be able to spend time with each others’ friends and not want to jump out of a window. Plus, if he likes your friends, he will be more willing to get his “bros” to hit the town with you and your friends. This helps keeping both you and your man in the good graces of their friends.

Sincerely,Christian Bartz

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