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Guydance: Dressing Up For Class

Dear Guydance, 

Do you think it’s weird when girls dress up to class?


Dear Anon,

Not at all. It’s quite attractive when a girl takes the time and effort to look good. That being said, you shouldn’t feel obligated to be dolled up for every class period if you don’t want to.  For some reason girls are WAY more critical of other girls outfits, while men don’t really look at it the same way. If a guy finds you attractive he’ll still think you’re attractive regardless if you choose to wear sweats and a bun to class a few times a week. To sum it up, dress how you want to dress. I understand the need to want to dress nicely though because when you look good, you feel good. So do as you wish.


Austin is a senior majoring Public Relations with a minor in Communications at Winona State University. Austin was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri but chose to attend Winona State (MN) to get away and play collegeiate football. When he has free time Austin loves to socialize and meet new people and he really enjoys sharing his sense humor. Austin expressing his creativity through writing and would love to incorporate that passion with his career one day. After college Austin wants to see as much of the world as he can to help him be successful with whatever career he falls into. Some of his favorite hobbies include the outdoors, eating everything, movies, working out, traveling, and enjoying a cold brew whenever he gets a chance.
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