Get Ready with Gretch: WSU Homecoming Football Game

Don’t really have school spirit? On Homecoming you will! Homecoming is the ultimate go-big-or-go-home season in college and it is primarily the legendary football game. High school football games don’t compare to Homecoming at WSU. There aren’t shy freshmen or random students who don’t partake with the theme. Everyone wears Winona gear or the epic purple and white colors, many “sprinkle” on glitter, and everyone is hyped! However, it can be challenging to stay out of the “basic” category while still representing your team. You may call me typical, but here’s how I, a sophomore RA, get ready for the Homecoming football game!


1. Hair. Just start with it.

On a day-to-day basis, I start with my makeup because hair isn’t a priority. But on game day? Hair becomes a priority. I want it cute but out of my mouth for proper cheering. I also don’t want to scramble and throw it up when time is cut close.

This is my go-to style for down, out of my face, and trendy. I section my hair down the middle and on both sides; it is up to you on how close to your ear you want to go and your hair thickness. I’ve found that a Dutch braid (or inside-out braid) looks better than a normal French braid. Want extra spice? Add glitter to your part like I did with my pigtails last year!

2. Make-up, muahaha!

This is my personal favorite part of any given day, especially on Homecoming! I usually do my normal, natural base but with slightly more concealer, so my eye makeup doesn’t look out of place. I plan to pop some bronzer in the crease and use a dark eyeshadow with an eyeliner effect. And of course, curling my lashes and adding (a lot of…) mascara to complete my all-out vibe.


To appropriately style for Homecoming, I add multi-dimensional purple glitter on my cheek bones and around my eyebrow. I’m sorry, I think I heard someone say, “Basic.” I’ll be going with purple lips, because why not? My friend Dani put purple gems around her face to show her school spirit. Glitter and gems from Walmart totaled around $4!

3. Fun, festive, and not too flashy.

Outfits are usually the hardest for me. Instead of too many options like an average girl, I don’t have enough. I have one purple shirt with a hole in the armpit. And pants? Well the weather’s kinda cold, but I know I’ll get hot. Last year, this was my ‘fit:

This year, I plan to browse at Goodwill or Dani’s closet to upgrade from last year (which shouldn’t be hard). Keeping things modest yet cute is my goal for this year. I won’t be wearing the beloved tube-top, but I might cut an old T-shirt in a deep V to show off the glitter piled on my collar bones (honestly, just put the glitter anywhere and everywhere). I’m also considering a jean skirt as an intrinsic addition. Look around for some free goodies like hand-clappers, beaded necklaces, or pom-poms, like this one, to accessorize with.


No matter your year in school, your financial budget, or your lack of creative skills, these tips can help you prepare for game day. Pin your hair up real nice, smack some glitter on, adorn yourself with a smile, and you’re ready! I hope I gave some insight that will help you feel confident walking to the stands. Go Warriors!