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Freshman Of The Year: Abby Bohanski

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winona chapter.


Abby Bohanski. Haven’t heard of her? Crazy. This firecracker freshman is a starter on our own Winona State women’s soccer team. Number eighteen is a powerhouse player that has been kicking it since she was about four years old. She earned freshman of the conference this year, but has remained humble even with such an honor. She credits some of her soccer skills to her siblings that agreed: Cal, “…I like to think I helped out a lot with her early development of the game, especially the aggression she shows on the field. But what’s more impressive is she can play like she does and put all that time and effort in and somehow still manages to keep her grades at the highest levels. This kid, this woman, my sister, is going places and I’ve never been more proud.” Her other brother echoes similar thoughts: Kenton, “…Words can’t describe how proud I am to be her brother.”



Her Campus: So, who is Abby?

Abby Bohanski: I’m 18 years old and an elementary education major, as of right now. I grew up in a small town, Steven’s Point, Wisconsin. I have three brothers and a sister; the two youngest siblings are twins. I’ve always been active, my two older brothers always beat up on me when I was younger and I think that is who gave me my aggression in soccer. Through high school, I was also a golfer and basketball player. When my little sister was a freshman, we got to play on the same basketball team in high school and that was fun. Outside sports, I like to fish, be outdoors, and hunt. I’m on the water a lot in the summer or working for the parks department back home.



HC: I have to ask, will you be hunting the deer opener in Wisconsin then?

AB: No, because I am going to the Packers game that Sunday. My boyfriend works in Alaska over the summer, and instead of getting tipped, someone gave him two free tickets to the game!



HC: What started you in soccer?

AB: My two older brothers. They both played and I grew up with it, followed in their footsteps.


HC: What made you decide to play soccer for Winona State?

AB: I looked at other colleges, but I never really fell in love with any of them. The Winona State coach did reach out to me, and I knew people that went to Winona. I came on a tour, and I committed on the spot. The team was super nice and welcoming, too.



HC: What is your favorite memory from your first season at WSU?

AB: My favorite memory was probably scoring on Mankato twice; once at our home field, then at their home field.


HC: How do you feel about being named “Freshman of the Year” for the conference?

AB: I don’t really know what it means too much. The team started congratulating me and I didn’t really know what was going on. It is because of my teammates that I have the goals and assists that I have though. It lead to the other coaches to vote and the awards just came in. There were a lot of other great freshmen on the Winona team, and on other teams too. I am proud, but I definitely give credit to the team.



HC: What are your goals for your future seasons playing at WSU?

AB: I think as a team, we want to keep advancing to the NCAA tournament. We made it this year, but I’d like to make it farther that the first game. Individually, I would like to continue to be one of the hardest workers and keep making the runs to finish the ball. Points aren’t everything, but they help. It is a confidence booster when you do score though or have an amazing assist.



HC: What would you like to do after college with soccer?

AB: I haven’t thought that far ahead. It depends on what happens in college.


HC: If you could do anything, what would be your dream job?

AB: Something that would allow me to travel around the world with work. I would like to help make a difference with kids, like rebuilding homes or helping kids, something along those lines.


HC: Besides soccer, what other things are you involved in on campus?

AB: I attend FCA every Wednesday and reflect on sports while talking about God to help me relax and know that He is going with me through sports and in life. Friends go too, a few teammates, so it is fun.



Not only to the WSU women’s soccer team, Abby is a role model to her younger siblings. They look up to her, and push her to do their best academically and in athletics. All her family, Nana, Ba, grandparents, siblings, mom and dad, all are so proud of her academics and athletics accomplishments. “We couldn’t be more proud of the young woman she has become and all of her achievements and success. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.”


We can’t wait either! Best of luck Campus Celeb, Abby, in all your ventures on and off the field! Congratulations on being named “Freshman of the Year”!



Meet Nicole Knutson: Originally from Rochester, Minnesota, this senior is majoring in marketing at Winona State University. Between Her Campus, AMA, and classes, she tends to be working at Caribou Coffee while most of you are probably still sleeping, then working for athletics on the weekends. During what seems to be rare spare time, she enjoys being with her friends and roommates, watching her favorite shows or movies, or working out at the IWC. Once post-college life hits, she aspires to move out to a big city to pursue her marketing career. Until then, she loves calling Winona home.
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