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As an avid Instagram user, wanderlust dreamer, and hopeless romantic, this Instagram page, @MuradOsmann, depicts visuals of every travel-lusting woman’s dreams.


Photographer and producer Murad Osmann and his fiancé, Nataly Zakharova @yourleo, have started a photography project that has captivated the eyes of millions (literally, he has more than two million Instagram followers). The “Follow Me” photography project displays Murad and his point of view while he is pulled to hundreds of exotic locations around the world by his fiancé, Nataly. The photos never show her face, but instead show her back turned from the camera and grasping onto Murad’s wrist as they venture to the picturesque locations, shown in each post.


With more than 140 #FollowMeTo photos taken from locations around the globe, Murad Osmann uses his photography skills in a way that not only captures the couple’s travel memories, but also gives my fellow Instagram stalkers and I a view into a fairytale-like lifestyle.


Haley Anderson graduated from Winona State University with a degree in mass communication: public relations and a minor in marketing. Haley is a firm believer that a shopping trip at Target, a peppermint mocha, and a quick stop at Chipotle can solve all of her problems. She enjoys traveling, jamming out to the newest hits on the radio with friends, trying out happy hours at local bars and restaurants, and pinning outfit ideas and dream travel destinations on Pinterest.
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