Finding H(APP)iness: My Review of 4 Popular Dating Apps

It is 2020, and dating apps are all the rage. Over the past decade, the rise of the internet has also created a rise in online dating. Instead of meeting in coffee shops, people seem to meet on dating apps. To many, dating apps are unchartered waters which scares most people away. Well, I am here to help navigate these waters as much as possible. Over the past month, I have downloaded and used four different dating apps. Below are reviews of the dating apps that I used from worst to best.


Meet Me

This was definitely my least favorite app out of the four that I tried. To start off, there are no location settings to block people from far away; I had people messaging me from Texas. There is a “local” tab in the app, but it doesn’t narrow people down that much. Secondly, the app has ways to personalize your profile, but it wasn’t any easy process. For this reason, I can see how it would easily deter newcomers from the “online-dating scene.” The last thing that I didn’t like about this app is how it bombards you with notifications. I received at least ten notifications a day before I decided to block the notifications from my phone. 

My rating for Meet Me: 3 out of 10



This app wasn’t that bad, but the next two just happened to come out above. This app had a lot of questions. Depending on your answers and the answers you’ll accept, it ranks your compatibility with people in your area. The reason I didn’t like this app is because it isn’t well-known, so there aren’t a lot of users on it.

My rating for OkCupid: 5 out of 10



This is one of the more popular dating apps on the market right now. A lot of college-age students are on this app. I like this app because it asks multiple questions and displays them on your profile. It doesn’t match you with people like OkCupid, but you are able to see the answers to the questions. The reason I ranked Bumble above OkCupid was because the users can easily customize profiles and the pictures are easily accessible. Since there are more users, there are greater chances of getting a match as well.

My rating for Bumble: 7 out of 10



Tinder is one of the most widely-used dating apps with over 57 million users. This results in plenty of opportunities to match with people. Everybody is different of course, but Tinder has been fairly successful for me. I met my ex-boyfriend on Tinder, and we ended up dating for about eight months. (It didn’t work out for reasons beyond online dating.) Tinder is definitely known for being a “hookup” app, but I think you can definitely find people looking for a relationship if that is what you’re looking for too.

My rating for Tinder: 8 out of 10


In the end, dating is complicated no matter how you score the date. I think dating apps are fun, but they have a long way to go until they will be considered the perfect remedy for combatting singleness. Until then, good luck with your search for whatever it is that you’re looking for!