Finals Week, as Told by “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” Gifs

So it’s fa la la la al-most Christmas, and more accurately, winter break. There may or may not be snow on the ground. Outside lights are twinkling on houses… yet, here we are: feeling all bah humbug about hitting the books. If you’re a stressed college student in need of a brain break that’s festive in nature, read this relatable AF article about what finals week feels like and tips on how to survive through the use of a Christmas classic movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


  • Step 1—Look at finals week schedule (note: you should probably do this prior to the beginning of finals week) and see you have not one, not two, but THREE finals at 8am throughout the week… even though your normal class period is way later usually.


  • Step 2—Write down your finals week schedule. Some may find it helpful to write down the testing periods in a planner, on a post-it note, or perhaps their hand.


  • Step 3—Formulate a rough schedule on when you’ll study for each final, but give yourself time to decompress as well. Maybe even try to study with friends so you don’t turn into, well, a grinch of academia.


  • Step 4—As much as this next step is dreaded by all, you must at some point crack open a textbook and start to study. The sooner you start, the sooner you can be finished.


  • Step 5—Do NOT forget to eat. You need brain food! Just don’t make it literal garbage and glass like Mr. Grinch.


  • Step 6—Allocate some time to get up from the desk where you tackle your student grind and enjoy a 15-20 minute study break.


  • Step 7—Resist the urge to turn aforementioned study break into a Netflix binge sesh. Now is NOT the time!


  • Step 8—Contemplate marching down to the academic office and dropping out. Resist that urge too!


  • Step 9—Rededicate yourself to studying after your dramatics are done. Study until you feel confident in your coursework, but then don’t stress! A mind at ease makes test-taking (hopefully) a breeze. Let the thought of happier holidays carry you through the grueling testing times.


  • Step 10—Sign out of the dorms, lock up your house or apartment, and set off for home. You survived all your finals and now: it’s winter break, baby! And you earned that Grinch-y grin! Good job.


While you could make the analogy that finals week is to winter break as the Grinch is to Christmas, following these steps will hopefully help lessen the grinchy vibes surrounding this study season. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a newfound appreciation for showing all you’ve learned in your final exams and your heart will grow three sizes too. Happy studying!