Dear Graduate, Leave an Impression

“The Eagle is flying… for the last time.” – The Princess Diaries

A time of celebration and of reflection, your college graduation will arguably be one of the most emotional times of your life. As you are rounding out the end of the semester with final papers and final presentations, you are comforted in knowing they will be your last (unless you’re going to graduate school). You are on the job hunt, saying your last goodbyes and positioning yourself to step foot into the future. The world awaits you, but your thoughts still leave you stranded on campus as you wonder about the unknown.



Truly nothing compares to this incredible moment of uncontrollable joy. All eyes are on you as you accept your college degree. The day could not be filled with more positivity!


2.     I’m not ready to “adult.”

Well in all reality, you have been “adulting” for the past four years. You moved away, lived on your own, cooked your own food and have done your own laundry regularly (not so much) and you managed to make it to graduation day!


3.     I don’t have a job lined up!

There is no rush to jump into your career. You will gradually build your skillset even after college so don’t worry if the right job hasn’t found its way to you quite yet. You have your whole life to work!


4.     I’m leaving all my friends behind…

It is always hard to leave behind those new friendships you nursed over a four-year period. They were the ones who found you, just as you found them, when all they wanted to do was make a friend during the first week of freshman year. These are incredible people, so keep them close, plan times to reunite and continue those amazing friendships.  


5.     Did I major in the right study?

Well, we sure hope so… but no matter the major, you are destined to do what you want to do. Make every day count and apply yourself, because to get where you want to be you must work hard; nothing will ever be handed to you.


6.     I get to see my pets again!

Serious cat vibes. Those loving pets of yours that still get so excited every time you visit . . . you will finally be reunited again! Give them just as much love as they always give you.


7.     Not ready for the big transition… and post-college depression.

Post-college depression is an actual thing, so take it seriously. Make time to reunite with college friends and maybe even visit every once in a while until you get back into your old routine...unless you never want to go back. It was still your home for four years and will always be a part of you.


8.     This campus has been home.

You made new friends, cried many tears and built your future on this campus. It will always have a place in your heart and your impression will forever stay.


9.     Loans, loans loans...

Paying these back will be a process. Take the time to devise a plan and prepare yourself for exactly how you will work to pay them back. Motivate yourself by reminding yourself of the relief you will feel when you pay them off.


10.    Will I be remembered?

Your professors, colleagues and maybe even some staff will remember you. You had a place here for four years and leaving it suddenly is one of the biggest transitions you will ever experience. Was college everything it was made up to be? The bonfires, parties, clubs, classes and people? I hope you crafted the college experience you desired and that you never forget your alma mater.


Congrats, Grad!