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Checklist Before You Check Out For Spring Break

This is it, your Spring Break countdowns are in the single digits and you’re itching to bust out of your closed (open?) toed shoes and drink some tequila anywhere BUT the Midwest. Whether you’re staying in the Midwest, taking a trip somewhere cold, or basking in the southern sun with your bum in the sand, please be safe. Your week in paradise, unfortunately,  comes to an end and maintaining safety is key if you have any intentions on returning to finish your undergraduate degree. College and spring break go hand in hand, as most college souls travel to South Padre, Panama City Beach or even Mexico, however, we wanted to prepare you a last minute checklist for those traveling to the warm places during this week that is basically a gift from God to college students everywhere.



<<Basic B!tch Warm Weather Spring Break Checklist>>


Airport outfit/car outfit

Whether you’re road tripping or spending your travel time in the airport, don’t waste time putting effort into the way you look. This clearly is the least fun part of the vacation and you’re going to want to be COMFORTABLE. Wearing boots and coats aren’t going to be needed once you get down south, so wearing some elastic pants such as yogas or leggings,a long sleeve or t-shirt, and light weight zip up will do.

Swimsuit Cover-up (or 2)

They’re about .111111 lbs and take up barely ANY space, so throwing two in your bag will not do any harm. Something sheer, flowy, and long to cover up your suit will ensure you’re not always strutting around the hotel in just your bikini. (They have awesome ones at Express, Target and TJ Maxx).


Once again, they take up such little space in luggage that in my eyes, it’s not a problem if you over pack these. (Target, once again, always comes in clutch if you need a last minute suit)

3-4 pairs of shorts

You’re going to want options, girl. High waisted, low waisted, or regular…bring options. Maybe printed shorts with a basic tee one day, and some white or black shorts. Bottom line…don’t forget your denim shorts. They’re a warm weather staple.

1-2 Basic tshirts

White. Always White. Or any neutral, really.

Sun dress

Maxi dress or skirt

Something to wear to bed

Whether it’s a big t-shirt, or shorts and a shirt, bring something you look forward to climbing into after a long day.

Undergarments – AND SOCKS (just in case)

Always pack enough panties. Always. Overpacking is better than underpacking, my friend.

Shoes (you will need a few different kinds)

Pack sh!tty sandals that can be worn on the beach and basically thrown away. Dont forget some nicer sandals – for those days you dress nice and want to look like you give a sh*t. Wedges – let’s face it, you’re going to want to dress up.


I’m talking all kinds. Sun screen for the body (or oil, lower SPF), sun screen for the face (higher SPF, protect that skin so you’re not looking like an old catcher’s mitt come 20 years), body lotion for after beachin’. ALSO aloe – let’s face it, you’re gonna get a little pink at least one day.

Contact solution, extra contacts, glassesBecause there are such things as tears, ocean water, and sand that basically rip out those contact lenses.

Lip balm – w/ an SPF

SO overlooked. No one wants sunburnt lips.

Make up – little to none, don’t be THAT girl with full makeup at the beach

Face wash

You’re in the sun all day, there’s going to be sweat build up, get that off your face at bedtime. Complexion is key.


1 (or even 2) chargers for your phone

Because how many iPhone cords have you lost in the last year?

Maybe an iPad?

Don’t bring your laptop, unnecessary

Camera (if you have one)

Disposable waterproof camera

Minimal jewelrySunglasses

Go for the cheap ones. No one cares how much your Ray Bans are, you’re there to have fun and protect your corneas

Large sun hat

Keeps the sun off your face, they’re in style, and makes it look like you put effort into your outfit when basically you could be covering up a bad hair day

Beach Bag

PEPPER SPRAY – protect yo-self before someone collects yo-self.

Of course if you’re road tripping, be sure to bring some alcohol, you’re going to need it. But, don’t drink and drive.

Rules of Thumb, so you’re not dumb:

Don’t go anywhere alone, you are not invincible.

Watch your drinks, don’t put them down.

Hydrate. Sun drains you, so does alcohol. – You may have mastered drinking at the bar, but drinking in the sun is a whole ‘nother ball game.

Document. Yes, take pictures and lots of them.


Lauren Cleary, commonly known as LC around the WSU campus. She’s a senior, majoring in Mass Communication | Advertising with a minor in Sociology. When she’s not in classes, sleeping through her alarms, or watching Cops, she can be found chatting up some college students and townies bartending at one of the bars on quaint 3rd street. Originally from the burbs of Milwaukee, predictably Lauren enjoys dark beer, beef jerky, and a good patio to eat brunch on… firm believer in there always being a reason for a “cheers”!
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