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Celebrate Self Confidence

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winona chapter.

Living up to impossible expectations is something we all have drilled into our brains. We weren’t born that way, so when did it all start? Peers? TV? Magazines? Maybe we will never know when or how it starts exactly, but what I do know, is that we need it to stop. So everyone, raise your head high and become more self-confident!

Here are some tricks to get you started:

1. Smile. Moving your facial muscles into a smile actually makes you feel happier and more confident. It triggers those feelings in your brain.

2. Dress up. Do your hair and makeup in a fresh new way. When you look your best, you will feel your best!

3. Challenge a fear. Are you holding back from doing something? Are you afraid of failure? Realize that “nobody’s perfect, you live and you learn it!”- Hannah Montana.

4. Try something new. This means anything. A hobby, a new book, a recipe. Just do something that you haven’t done before, maybe you’ll surprise yourself and fall in love with it.

5. Don’t compare or criticize. Try to look at people for who they are, not what they look like or what they have.

6. Relax. Go with the flow. Don’t stress or fuss over the little things because at the end of the day, many of them don’t actually matter?

7. Compliment yourself. Be proud of who you are and all that you have accomplished. Become your very own personal cheerleader!

8. Accept mistakes. They happen. Don’t sweat or lose sleep over it.

9. Set small, doable goals. Once you accomplish them you will be so proud.

10. Plan a pity party. We all need to dwell on our problems sometimes. Cry it out, but only allow yourself to cry about it once, then let it go.

Being self-confident is something everyone needs to work on, why not take a step in the right direction and try one of these ideas out today!

This is Gabriella Ingebrand: Junior at Winona State University majoring in Advertisement. She is a master when it comes to wasting time on Pinterest and making a mess while baking in the kitchen. She is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Winona, President of Dream Closet Winona, Communication Specialist for AdFed, and Social Media Chair for her sorority. All in all, Gabriella is a free spirit always trying to have a good time.  
Katie is an avid wine connoisseur with an appetite for travel, journaling, a loaded bloody mary and of course, persuading the masses with the help of her PR education. Her current passions reside in creating trendy outfits at T.J.Maxx, rocking her Birkenstocks, finding new Indie artists and daydreaming about backpacking after graduation. She is a firm believer in equality and finding peace within society. She is always down for a fun time, while being fabulous and fierce.