Beloved Breadsticks: Saying Farewell to an Old Friend

If you’re an avid follower of my articles or Her Campus Winona in general, you may remember last week when I wrote to you about my favorite comforts of home in my article Corny Comforts: Celebrating Iowa with the Comforts of Home. And if you missed it, be sure to check it out here. You may also want to refer back to it in order to understand the magnitude of my love for Casey’s breadsticks, amongst other foods that are some of my local and regional favorites—although I think this will portray that pretty well, too.


Hopefully, after reading my passionate spiel you also found a place in your heart for decadent Casey’s breadstick. If so, I’m glad I was able to share them with you before it was too late. It is with deep sorrow in my heart that I’m here to tell you that the recipe for Casey’s breadsticks has changed drastically—and, from what credible sources tell me, not for the better. 


After all, how can you improve perfection?


Rather than roast the Midwestern general store chain for their unfortunate decision, I instead came here to, in a sense, vent to you and mourn the loss of my very near and dear friend. Here is a letter I’ve written to them. If only they were still here to receive it.


Dear Casey’s BS (short for breadsticks, of course),


Today is my first day without you. Although you’ve been far from my reach for months as I’ve lived in Winona, I always knew that you were waiting, cradled warm on your paper and cardboard bed in patient anticipation. When I came home, the first phone call I made was to your captors and preparers—and with delight. Each of my encounters with you was unique, special and cherished.


You brought a light to my life that cannot be replaced—not by your literal replacement or any other breadstick or garlic confectionary of any sort. You were one of a kind. Not only were you beautiful externally, with your tanned skin and thin body, but you were beautiful on the inside, too. Nothing could compare to the soft cheesiness or the accompanying flavors of garlic with the complementary crust. 


You truly were a wonder to behold; I relished in sharing your marvellousness with friends and family. If anyone had never heard of you, I quickly introduced them in hopes that you would change their lives in the way you changed mine. Thank you for being there for me always; whether my day was good or bad, tough or easy, you were always there. Your reassuring presence made the hot days cooler; when I was with you, the cold felt a little less bitter, too. You lit up the room and heated up my heart; everyone who knew you or saw you understood your hot and electric presence. Whenever you were around, it made everyone feel better. You truly were the life of the party. 


Thank you for letting me share you with so many people; I just wish I could’ve shared you with more. And more than that, I wish I could’ve said a final goodbye. Being so far apart hasn’t been easy, and hearing this unfortunate news from miles away made it even more difficult. This was so unexpected, and I still don’t think I truly understand that you’re actually gone. Nonetheless, I’m just glad I have so many memories of us together. You’ve been through it all with me, and I’ll never forget that. You truly were a hit—a real bestseller—and even if everyone else forgets your charm and flavor, know that I never will—I simply couldn’t.


There’s a rather small part in my heart that is empty now without you here. And it couldn’t possibly be filled by anyone else—nothing and no one could compare. So now, as I write this letter to you, I’m saying my final bitter-salty goodbye. Although you’re gone from me and all those who loved you, I hope you’re resting easy up there. I can’t wait to see you soon.


See you in the next life buddy,



This was hard for me to write. I loved Casey’s breadsticks so passionately and wholly that I don’t know what to do now that they’re gone. I don’t know what I’ll eat when I go home or how I could ever make a worthy substitution. My heart is broken, and I know many other people feel the same way.


This is your reminder to cherish your family, friends, and food. You never know when they’ll leave you—when the last time will be—so be thankful and soak up every moment like I wish I had with my beloved breadsticks.