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Behind the Scenes of the Bachelor 2015: Trina’s Perspective

America has been addicted to the drama, comedy, and chemistry of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette on ABC for 28 seasons! Contestants from all over participate in the show for a shot at love with an attractive bachelor or bachelorette. This season’s bachelor Chris Soules, or Farmer Chris as he is famously known, got lucky with 30 girls, instead of the regular 25, wanting to get to know him a little better. They go out on spectacular once in a lifetime trips and dates, and if they’re lucky enough, a chance at happily ever after. We were fortunate enough to interview fellow Midwesterner and The Bachelor contestant, Trina Scherenberg, to get the inside scoop on Chris, the other girls, and what viewers don’t see on TV!


Her Campus: How did you decide that you wanted to apply to go on the Bachelor? How does the application process work?Trina Scherenberg:  I cannot get into specifics about the process, due to the contract I signed, but the entire process was pretty complex! A lot of waiting. A lot of interviews. A lot goes into it! I sent a video to ABC in June, right after I moved to California. I was single, new to California and always thought it would be awesome to be on a reality show. I really didn’t think I’d ever make it. I was finally informed in late August that I was going to be on the show, which began filming in September.

HC: Were you excited when you found out that this season’s bachelor was “Farmer Chris”?TS: I was thrilled when I found out that Chris was the Bachelor. I was a big fan of him from Andi’s season!  I am from Illinois and he is from Iowa…..two Midwesterners are a perfect match! Or so I thought.  

HC: Did you grow close to any of the other girls on the show?TS: I may have not found love, but boy did I find some wonderful friends! The girls on the show were amazing. From day one, there were girls I naturally clicked with. You spend SO much time with them, you naturally develop a friendship like no other friendship. Once off the show, no one from the “real world” really understood what we just went through. Due to the contract we signed, we couldn’t really talk to any family and friends about the show, so we leaned on each other. In December, a group of us girls went to New York…fun times! We talk all the time and see each other frequently. I went on a reality TV show to find love….found forever friends instead!

HC:  Does everything that the viewers see on TV actually happen? Does the crew ever advise or direct the girls to do anything?TS: All I can say is that this show is a hit and the network (ABC) is a multimillion dollar network. Everything comes down to ratings. Are you going to let everything happen naturally or are you going to intervene to cause drama and a storyline?

HC: Are some of the girls as crazy as they show the viewers?TS:  I think a few of the girls that I spent time with on the show were “different” but not crazy. When I watched the show, they definitely APPEARED crazy.

HC: Did you learn anything about yourself throughout this experience?TS: I certainly did! I had to live out of a suitcase (actually, four oversized suitcases) so that was difficult. I’m used to having closets and a ton of space! Digging for a shirt or pair of shoes was something I was not used to, especially when there were piles and piles of clothes from all the other girls scattered everywhere! I had to share a bathroom, a bedroom and slept in a twin size bunk bed. I am used to my king size bed and living alone! SO many different personalities under one roof. You wouldn’t think these circumstances would have that much of an effect on us girls, but it sure did. I learned how strong I actually am. I think after living in the mansion, I can have any roommate, live in any circumstance, and be just fine.

HC: What was your favorite part about being on the Bachelor?TS: It was such an incredible experience. Just being in the mansion….eating, drinking and bonding with the girls!

HC: How did you decide how you were going to step out of the limo and meet Chris for your introduction? There were a lot of crazy intros…did you run any funny ideas passed anyone?TS: I had a great idea and did part of it when I talked with him after exiting the limo. EDITING! They didn’t show it! Can’t say much due to the contract, but a lot goes into it.

HC: What do you really think about moving to a farm in Iowa? Do you think you would be happy there?TS: Being from the Midwest, I wouldn’t mind living on a farm….for a few years ;) I think living in that small of a town (population 400) would be extremely difficult. I think living on a farm would be fun, but wonder how long I would actually survive.

HC: How do you want people to perceive you while watching The Bachelor?TS: Normal! (Laughs) Caring, funny, and classy. It was difficult to stay true to who I was, but I did. A lot of girls gave into different pressures…I did not want to do that and hopefully viewers will notice that!

HC: Do you think people on the show actually fall in love with the bachelor/bachelorette? Or do they get caught up in all of the excitement?TS: I think you can fall in like, not love. You have a camera, microphone and producers on you at all times. I think a connection can certainly be established, but it will take longer than two months to really fall in love…

I think it’s safe to say that ABC shows viewers a lot of what they want: drama, and cut out anything normal because it could appear boring. And boring doesn’t stay on the air for 28 seasons!

Thank you to Trina Scherenberg so much for sharing this amazing experience with us! It’s awesome to hear about the experience firsthand from someone who was there. Tune in to The Bachelor Monday nights on ABC. And who knows, maybe next season we could be tuning in to The Bachelorette to watch Trina herself find love on this hit TV show!


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