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Batter Up: Why Baseball Is the Best Spring Sport

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winona chapter.

Many of us look forward to spring, especially because it means warmer temps and longer days are in the near future. There are many things to look forward to as spring becomes more noticeable, but let’s talk about one of the best things about spring: baseball season.


One of my favorite things about the season of spring is that it’s finally baseball season! My brother has played baseball for the past 10 years, so my summers were full of watching him play. There are also many city baseball teams, such as the Red Wing Aces or the Ellsworth Hubbers (aka the teams that my family and family friends enjoy watching), that represent the city and play against other city teams.


Here are my favorite things about baseball:


1.   Spring/summer weather.

Warm during the day, cooler at night – can it get any better?? All you need to bring is a sweatshirt (and sometimes a blanket) and you’re usually good to go for the evening!


2.   The fans.

Baseball fans are actually pretty talented and incredibly loyal. I mean, they can catch a foul ball coming God knows how fast at them AND keep their food from falling out of their possession? They need to get more respect for that kind of feat! And about their loyalty – has everyone forgotten about the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in 2016?!

3.   Walk-up songs.

It’s always fun and interesting to see what the players choose as their walk-up songs for when it is their turn to bat – and the songs can go from 80s rock to modern-day country to 90s R&B, so you never know what exactly will play next!


4.   The food.

Popcorn, hot dogs, brats, and nachos seem to be the staple foods of every game I go to, and it’s kinda hard to argue with those kinds of classics!

5.   The players’ catches.

Some of these catches are just crazy. From diving in the field to crashing into a wall, you are practically guaranteed to have a conversation-worthy catch to bring up the next time you have a conversational lull.


6.   The players’ gymnastic-like moves to be safe at a base.

Like, look at this (that’s all I can about say about this).

7.   And of course, The Sandlot.

Summer would not be complete if The Sandlot movie hasn’t been watched at least once (or 10 times). This movie has some of the most memorable lines; you are sure to have at least heard them if you have not yet seen the movie.

Bonus: Did you know? The movie celebrates its 25th birthday this year!

Those are some of the reasons why I think that baseball is the best spring sport, and probably even the best all-season sport, to enjoy with the season. I mean, it’s called “America’s Pastime” for a good reason!



Meet Linsey Taylor, one of the campus correspondents for the Winona State Her Campus chapter. Linsey is a senior majoring in Therapeutic Recreation with a minor in psychology and hopes to become a child life specialist with her degree. In her free time, Linsey enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends and family.
I love exploring the outdoors, writing, whales, and have a major sweet tooth for cheesecake! Volleyball and hockey are my favorite sports to play and watch. When it comes to writing, I love it. I truly enjoy being able to write articles and stories about topics people would enjoy reading.