‘Avengers: Endgame’ Review



Okay, now that we got that out of the way, this movie completely ruined me. Never has a movie been able to make me laugh, cry, and just be in utter awe the way Endgame did. Since it would be so difficult for me to describe all my emotions in words, I’ve decided to use Brooklyn 99 gifs to express the movie and my feelings. Enjoy!



Y’all, my heart was so full when I saw Tony living his life with Pepper and Morgan:


When Bruce tried to figure out time travel and ended up with Scott being a baby and an old man during the process:


My heart during the scene of Natasha and Clint fighting to be the one to sacrifice themselves for the soul stone:


When all the characters who died in Infinity War showed up during the final battle:


Me watching Steve stand up to Thanos all by himself:


...and then summoning Mjolnir:


When Tony stole the infinity stones from Thanos and used them against him:


When Peter started begging Tony as he was dying, trying to tell him that they won and that he didn’t have to go, “Please don’t go, Tony!”:


My mind refusing to believe that Tony and Natasha are actually dead and coming up with crazy conspiracy theories to prove they’re still alive:


Finally, me leaving the theatre, numb and dead inside: