The Anthems of Our Youth

We are the millennial generation and we are labeled as unmotivated and high maintenance. While in many instances we can ALL embody these characteristics, I’m proud to say we defy these labels every day. We are the up-and-coming generation and we are ready to take the world by storm.

Though we are set in the present, we know when to take a step back and appreciate all that came before us, including the fast-changing music scene. From pop, hip-hop and R&B, to country, rock and alternative, we never fail to forget those anthems that have brought us through the toughest times.

Here is a list of the music of our generation that has guided us through life:


1.     I Gotta Feeling – Black eyed Peas

No one will ever forget this New Year’s Eve anthem of 2009. The Black Eyed Peas have always brought chart-topping hits, but “I Gotta Feeling” is sure to give you incredible nostalgia for those nights with the best people.


2.     Eye of the Tiger – Survivor


It only takes the first two seconds of this song to know exactly what kind of mood you are about to be in. “Eye of the Tiger” is definitely an anthem of our time and gives you that motivational push you need to tackle the day’s activities.


3.    I’ll be Missing You – Puff Daddy, Faith Evans, 112


All. The. Feels. This song has so much emotional power and leaves you in deep thought about that one person you will never forget.


4.    Lose Yourself – Eminem


Yes, we did just sing every word with complete determination in the mirror. Talk about a powerful motivational anthem of our time. Eminem sure knows how to bring our your inner warrior with this one.


5.    Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day


A classic rock ballad of our generation. Green Day sure knew how to make you second-guess your choices and live your life to the fullest at the same time.


6.    Dirty Little Secret – All-American Rejects


What ever happened to the All-American Rejects? Everyone was sure to jam out to this song when it came on.


7.    A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton


Immediately break out into a White Chicks movie scene remake! This song is sure to bring back tons of great memories.


8.    Dilemma – Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland


Was there ever a song that wasn’t a hit from Nelly?


9.    Wonderwall – Oasis


A large portion of the millennial generation were still making their way into the world when this hit released. Though a lot of us didn’t hear it till later, it still became a smash hit in our lives.


10.  Teenagers – My Chemical Romance


This one just couldn’t be more fitting…


11.  Baby Got Back – Sir Mix A Lot


It only took the first few seconds of this classic party anthem to run out on the dance floor and bust a move with your friends. Still to this day, this song never gets old.    

12.  All Star – Smash Mouth


Shrek anyone? Everyone sang this “Smash”Mouth hit from beginning to end when it came on.  


13.  Oops!... I Did it Again – Britney Spears


We all know you sang this in your bedroom into a hairbrush. Though it took us many years to finally know what this song was about, all you knew at the time was this was YOUR song and you slayed it.


14.  Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne


Supposedly, Stacy’s mom really had it going on, but we were too busy singing the catchy song to notice.


15.  Thnks fr th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy


No one could help but love Patrick’s incomparable voice. Also… Pete Wentz. #TeenageHeartThrob


16. Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani


This hardcore rock anthem was sure to bring out the diva in everyone.