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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winona chapter.

I have been best friends with a girl since my junior year and her sophomore year of high school. Her name is Sarah. We had met her freshman year of high school, but didn’t become super close until the next year, after we bonded over mutual hatred for the same person (long story). One thing I learned about Sarah, immediately, is that she is adopted. Sarah is Korean and her parents are Caucasian. So on behalf of Adoption Day, I decided to interview her on her experiences of being adopted.

Me: So Sarah, what is it like being raised by people who are not your biological parents?

Sarah: Well, considering I was adopted at a young age, it’s hard to say. But otherwise, it’s felt pretty normal, other than the occasional racist asshole. And some people reacting oddly to me having two white parents.

Me: Did you feel like you were treated differently from your brothers by your parents because you were adopted and they were not?

Sarah: Hmmm… not really. Since my brothers were much older than me, and different genders. But I mostly grew up like an only child with the occasional visit from my brothers when they had brakes from college.

Me: Do you feel like your parents have higher expectations for you since you were adopted?

Sarah: Uh, I don’t know because half of it was in my head and it’s kind of hard to tell because of the autism. But otherwise, I don’t know.

Me: Have you ever wanted to meet your biological parents?

Sarah: Yes. Both my parents are fully supportive of me wanting to let me meet my biological mom. Since my mom cut off all ties with everyone she knew at the time, other than her own mom, until I was born. But after I was born I was taken to the hospital to be treated for Tetanus. But mostly I wanted to know if I have any half-siblings.

Me: Alright thank you for letting me interview you, no further questions. 

Knowing that Sarah is adopted has not changed my thoughts of her at all, she still is and has been one of my best friends. I personally am excited for her to meet her biological parents some day, and I hope they will love her as much as I do.

my name is Annie Zalewski, and I enjoy writing random stories. I write about artistry, hunting, and other random things I enjoy, or find appealing.