Aca-Amazing Moments from Pitch Perfect


Since Pitch Perfect’s release in 2012, I have loved the Barden Bellas. The Pitch movies were filled with moments of singing, friendships, and witty quotes. The final installment of Pitch Perfect was released on DVD on March 20th, and while I have loved the whole series overall, these moments have stood out the most.  



1.     Becca and the “Cup Song.”


2.      “Riff-offs.”

*even if the Bellas never actually won one


3 .  Fat Amy getting hit by flying Mexican food.


4.     Winning the National Championship.


5.     The Bellas winning Worlds.


6.     The Bellas finding their sound.


7.     Bellas singing for the President.


8.      The Bellas singing for the final time.


I will miss the Bellas, but I am glad for all of their aka-awesome memories throughout the years.