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7 Things I Learned When I Moved to Minnesota

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winona chapter.

I’m from Appleton, Wisconsin which is near Green Bay, and I had only been to Minnesota twice before coming to Winona State. For the record, I really like Minnesota, but there are definitely some weird things you find out about this state.

1.     People from Minnesota really are obsessed with hockey.

Hockey is not very popular in Appleton, or most of Wisconsin (I happened to grow up watching it though). I had never heard the term “State of Hockey” until coming to Winona, but I definitely understand why Minnesota earned the nickname.

2.     Tater Tot Hotdish

The concept of Tater Tot Hotdish isn’t weird, but I will never be able to call a casserole a “hotdish.” I am so here for Tater Tot Hotdish though.

3.     “The U”

Prior to coming to Winona, I had always called The University of Minnesota the U of M, or just Minnesota. After living here I’ve picked up on calling the Big 10 school “The U.”

4.     Duck Duck Gray Duck

I really want to know the source of this one, because WTF. I stand by Duck Duck Goose.

5.     People are obsessed with the Twin Cities.

It seems like everyone I meet from Minnesota is from the Twin Cities, or just “Cities.” I’ve slowly learned the names of most of the suburbs, and that everyone hates Edina (sorry if you’re from Edina). I’ve learned what Uptown and Dinkytown are, and what the Black Coffee and Waffle Bar is.

6.     The Greatness of the Mall of America

I have learned the nickname MOA, and I have been there twice. I personally think it is too overwhelming, but I can see why everyone thinks it’s amazing. Also, I am so on board for all Forever 21 stores to be two stories.

7.     Minnesotans hate Wisconsin.

People from Minnesota hate almost everything Wisconsin, especially the Packers. I am not a Packers fan, so I find the rivalry amusing. Unless it’s Wisconsin Dells, or Wisconsin’s Breweries, Minnesotans seem to hate everything from Wisconsin.

Hi I'm Emily and I'm from Appleton, Wisconsin! I'm a Mass Communication- Advertising student, with a minor in Art History at WSU. I like concerts, hockey, cooking, and dancing in the car. I also enjoy guacamole, french fries, and caramel iced coffees from Dunkin' Donuts. All I really want to do is travel the world, move to a big city, and spend my weekends on a lake. IG & Twitter @esheptoski