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52 Thoughts I had During “Stranger Things 2”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winona chapter.


Stranger Things 2 just came out last Friday, and no surprise, I finished it Sunday afternoon. It was an intense season with new characters, new creatures, and new surprises. Here are some of the many thoughts I had as I watched.

1.     SEASON 2, SEASON 2, SEASON 2!

2.     Holy crap, Eight! There are more people like Eleven!

3.     Yes! The boys, I missed them!

4.     Okay, but like where will the people of Hawkins buy their pumpkins now?

5.     This town just can’t catch a break.

6.     What the heck? Eleven has been back for a year!

7.     I just love their Ghostbusters costumes.

8.     Awe, Dustin and Lucas have a crush on Max… Middle school love.

9.     Ugh, can someone PLEASE explain the purpose of Billy’s existence.

10.  I feel so bad for Will. He does not deserve any of this.

11.  Okay Dustin… nothing good is going to come out of you keeping that reptile.


13.  C’mon Hopper, you can’t keep Eleven cooped up all the time.

14.  Well Nancy, now you can go find Jonathan, your true Knight in Shining Armor.

15.  I’m calling it now: Bob is going to end up being a traitor.

16.  Oooh Eleven left the house. Something bad better not happen.

17.  Oh, oh no. Will really is in trouble.

18.  Dustin stop lying about Dart!

19.  Someone needs to figure out what’s wrong with Will. And how has his crayons not run out?

20.  Dustin’s cat did not deserve to be eaten.

21.  Something bad is going to happen to Hopper. It’s inevitable.

22.  Lucas’s sister is the true sass queen of this show.

23.  Aaaand something really bad happened to Hopper.

24.  Dustin with the catcher’s and goalie gear is actually me.


26.  Yup, Will’s tunnel map is super weird.

27.  Yasss Nancy and Jonathan uncovering the truth!

28.  Ohhh no, Will.

29.  Ahh Steve and his bat.

30.  Holy crap those tunnels are insane.

31.  Again, WHY does Billy exist?

32.  Steve babysitting the kids is the best thing ever.

33.  Cool, multiple Demo-dogs. Just what they need!

34.  Eleven is going rogue. You do you, girl.

35.  **Me all of episode seven** ELEVEN NO! Kali is total trouble.

36.  It really concerns me that none of their parents wonder where they are.

37.  Oh, that’s why Billy is such an a**hole.

38.  Okay maybe Bob won’t betray them.

39.  I’m stressed out. How are they going to get out of the lab?

40.  NO, BOB! He did not deserve to die.

41.  Will is basically a prisoner my heart is breaking.


43.  Okay, it’s time. I can handle this… maybe. Maybe not?

44.  Oh look it’s Billy. YES! Max to the rescue!

45.  Momma Steve leading the kids into the tunnel! Okay I’m stressed.

46.  Will in pain is literally killing me

47.  Can I be as bada** as Eleven?

48.  Oh good, my babies made it out of the tunnel.

49.  Buh-bye Upside Down!

50.  YES! Hopper is now Eleven/Jane’s adopted father!

51.  They’re all so happy and middle school love is so awkward!

52.  Of course the Upside Down is not gone.

That concludes my binge-watch of Stranger Things 2. Here’s to 365 more days until the next season.


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