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I first heard about Tinder in middle school. Sure, it was still in its young stages then, but that didn’t stop my friends and me from creating profiles under fake names for fun. The first time I seriously downloaded Tinder was when I got to college. I can regrettably say even though I have deleted the app numerous times, I always find myself swiping through men and women yet again.


Because of how many times I have re-downloaded the app, I am incredibly familiar with the types of men on Tinder. It seems that no matter how many faces I see on this app, I still feel like they are the same types of people or, rather, profiles.


Whether you’ve just downloaded Tinder yesterday for the first time or you found yourself on this addictive app for the fifth time, these types of guys will always pop up for you to swipe on.


1. Huntin’ and Fishin’

Does he have a dead animal or fish in his hands? Did he mention his love for guns, fishing, and hunting in his bio? Is he rocking camo in almost every one of his pictures? If you said yes to one or more of these questions, he fits perfectly into this category. Personally, I immediately swipe left if I see a dead animal on a guy’s page. It’s not exactly appealing to see Bambi's lifeless eyes when I’m trying to find a boyfriend…


2. Wait… which one are you?

As you’re tapping through this guy’s photos, you find yourself analyzing them to figure out who he is. Every photo is a group picture. To make your life harder, you can’t find one of the guys that looks like he’s in every picture. Is he the blonde one? Is he the tall one? Will you ever find out? Probably not. This profile is the hardest to understand. Don’t you want people to know what you look like if you’re on a dating app? This guy’s logic is one I will never grasp.



“Just tryna smoke and vibe,” “420 friendly,” and “Hmu to match” are common phrases in this boy’s Tinder bio. His favorite activity is getting stoned on a weekday, and the first message they send you will probably be “Was up” or other slang. A blunt (or multiple) is bound to make an appearance in his pictures. Since videos are a new thing to Tinder, he totally has one of him french inhaling thick smoke.


4. Frat boy

If you see a “Saturdays are for the boys” banner in the back of his pictures, you’ve spotted a frat boy. A common accessory for a frat boy is a Juul or a can of Busch or Miller Light. They get bonus points if there is a video of them shotgunning a beer. The most common opening line is “Hey” followed directly by “Snap?.” Another common opening line is a way too sexual pick-up line that makes you uncomfortable. A shirtless picture is not necessary to fit this category, but it is very common. They also pose with their ‘bros’ wearing oddly similar outfits and identical stances.


5. You swiped right… but only for the dog

Whether this guy has bad pictures or isn’t your type, it doesn’t matter because his pooch pic saved the day!  He has his dog in at least half of his pictures while no good pictures of himself. Usually, his puppy is his first picture (not that I’m complaining)! These guys can be pretty good at conversation, but still, you don't exactly know if you’re attracted to him or just in love with his dog…


Happy swiping!



Grace Jacobs

Winona '22

Grace Jacobs is a freshman at Winona State majoring in Elementary Education with an emphasis on Early Childhood. She has worked with kids since she was a kid herself and loves every moment of it. She is from Elk River (which many people haven’t heard of) and was on the speech team there for a couple years and was very excited when she made it to State. This is her first year in Her Campus, and she is very excited to pour her heart into articles on such a great platform. She enjoys painting, writing, hammocking, and hanging out with her friends.
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