5 Reasons You Should Watch ‘Euphoria’ Right Now (No Spoilers!)

To be honest, it takes a lot for me to get into a show. My attention span is small these days unless it’s a mindless reality TV show. So, when I go about picking which show I really am going to dive into, I choose wisely. When I saw that Zendaya starred in another show, I decided to dive in. Ever since her days on Shake It Up, I’ve been in love with her. I mean, just look at her. 


Zendaya’s beauty aside, the show is called Euphoria. Aired on HBO, the new show was said to be one to watch out for. The show tackles many subjects that are tough to get right, such as drug addiction, mental illness and sexuality. 


Rue, the show’s main character played by Zendaya, is just getting out of rehab after an overdose. School is about to start as Rue meets the new girl, Jules. There is so much more to the show with other characters’ storylines and so much drama, but I think it’s important to leave a little mystery for those who haven’t seen it yet. And besides, I’m just getting started. 


Here are my five reasons you should watch Euphoria:


1.  Mental illness

Like I said, Euphoria deals with a lot of difficult life topics in a truly raw way. I have never seen mental illness portrayed in such an exposed fashion before in a TV show. Sure, there is some production to it; but from my own experiences with mental illness, they got it spot on. 

In one scene, Rue has a panic attack. As someone who has experienced panic attacks, I found myself especially relating to this scene. Zendaya’s acting, the shooting of scenes and the overall pure emotion struck me hard.


2. Queer representation

Although the LGBTQ+ community is getting a lot more exposure now, it is rare for a queer actor to play a queer character. Although Zendaya is not openly gay, the actress that plays Jules is a trans woman. Not only was she playing a character with similar battles, but also Hunter Schafer had the opportunity to share her battles with the show’s producer to better shape Jules as a dynamic character. 


3. Cassie

Cassie might be a secondary character, but her journey of finding herself throughout the season is a big part of the show. Like a lot of Euphoria’s characters, Cassie goes through multiple identity changes. At first, she seems unsure of herself, but she quickly builds herself an empire. I wish I could tell you more but this is a spoil-free zone.


4. Substance abuse

With the main character Rue being an addict, the show portrays her battle with drugs in a powerful way. There were moments where chills were all over my body or I was visibly holding my breath because of the situations Rue gets into. Rue’s struggle with drugs is a true rollercoaster, and it’s representation shows the gravity of real-life drug abuse and addiction. 


5. Overall design

When looking at the overall design of Euphoria, it stands out against other shows. When looking at wardrobe, makeup, music, and overall shooting of the scenes, in general, it can be described as bright, unique and bold. Fans have been raving about the soundtrack online as well as recreating the looks of the characters. Besides all of that, the plot is amazing and will keep you on the edge of your seat. 


Happy watching!


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