13 Disney Channel Original Movies You Must Rewatch

One of the best feelings is re-watching Disney Channel Original movies you forgot about. *Please note this article is 100% my opinion and does not include Walt Disney originals.*


These movies made our childhood, and they are all on Disney+right now! Below, I’ve listed my top favorite 13. If you haven’t seen them yet, take a shot! I started re-watching a couple over the last few weeks! While I still love them, some moments feel unnecessary and dramatized now than I understood before. The songs, on the other hand, still slap.


While it is not mentioned below as a favorite, I do think Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century shouldn't be overlooked. Old classics, like this, aren’t forgotten.


#13: Let it Shine 

This movie was good besides the whole “obvious secret” premise, like Hannah Montana


How did the character Roxie not realize Cyrus was the real rapper the whole time? 


This movie was obvious, and there were so many “oh, so close” scenes that just would make you think she’d know sooner. Nonetheless, I thought it was an interesting storyline surrounding a church community. I think it’s something other families can relate to.


Honorable Mentions:


#12: Halloweentown 

This is a must-see holiday movie I HAD to put down. I would’ve only done ten, but not having this in the list would just be devastating. Halloweentown came out in 1998 (before I was even born, LOL). It has three sequels, but the original will always be classic.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Aggie Cromwell’s bag
  • Witch broom
  •  Skeleton Driver


#11: Jump In!

 This movie had my favorites: Corbin Bleu (High School Musical) and Keke Palmer from True Jackson VP. The romance is cute, but the story plot for impressing dad versus the following dream of jump rope is such a classic Disney cliché. It has some cheesy moments, which I thoroughly enjoy re-watching.


Honorable Mentions:

  •  “It’s not my dream dad, it’s yours.”
  • “Daddy’s boy”
  •  Red Hot Chili Peppers


#10: The Cheetah Girls: One World

There might be more bias on this one, but this is a CLASSIC to me. Honestly, I never watched any Cheetah Girls until the third movie’s premiere, but I loved it. I disliked Raven’s character in the first and second movie because she was selfish and could not share the spotlight. The third, however, opened with the banger: “Cheetah Love.” This song is a bop, and I will never not sing it when it starts playing. Honestly, it is the only song that matters to me in this movie.


Honorable Mentions:

  •  “Cheetah-” Literally anything
  • Kevin347
  • Swami and his wishing tree


#9: Twitches

To explain this premise in two words: twin-witches. I think the first movie is still the most iconic. The two girls were separated at birth for safety reasons from a “darkness” that killed their father. However, on the twins’ 21st birthday, they happen to encounter one another and meet for the first time. They realize they have magical powers and discover more about Coventry, a magic world where they’re from.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Sun and moon necklaces
  • We’re Desperate sign
  •  “Go twitches, go twitches.”


#8: Lemonade Mouth 

Lemonade tasted better after this movie; I don’t know what it was, but I wanted to try the lemonade brand the high school had in their vending machine so badly. This movie was GOOD and honestly one of my favorites just because I thought the acting was well-done as a kid.


What I found amazing about this movie was the different story each character had. The movie highlights their different lives, each scene on someone else’s backstory as they come together to join a band. To me, the most interesting character was Mohini (Naomi Scott) when I first watched as a kid. This girl was so obedient to her parents in fear of getting into trouble and wanted to be the perfect girlfriend for Scott (Nick Roux). However, my opinion on character dynamics changed to Stella. Her spirit was the most effective in this movie (my opinion) and I absolutely disliked Principle Brenigan; it was sad to see they didn’t play out any consequence for him.


Also, I want to personally add that after this movie came out, I went to New York Times Square for an afternoon. My family and I passed the Madison Square Garden, and there was a sign that said Lemonade Mouth was previously there… Hence, I was SO close to their live performance that was put at the end of the movie, by the way.


Honorable Mentions:

  •  “Next thing you know, lemonade mouth spits all over me.”
  • Rap in "Determinate"
  •  “For you, you jerk”


#7: Cow Belles

I doubt a lot of people will remember this throwback, but considering the few times I’ve seen this movie, it still comes out as one of my favorites. I HIGHLY recommend watching.


This movie is really all about two sisters that lose their rich life privileges and have to start working for their dad’s dairy company. There’s a lot of changing dynamics in the characters and differences between being hard-working and selfish. There are a couple of plot twists too, and some cute romance... who doesn’t love that?!


Honorable Mentions:

  • Aly & AJ
  • Blueberry spill
  • ENTIRE clutch scene


#6: Avalon High

This is a movie based on a book by Meg Cabot, which I’ve never read, but have had interest since watching. I think this movie was special to me because it had relived the medieval story of King Arthur. The story is told phenomenally well for kids to understand but also kept entertained. There were a lot of twists in this movie I didn’t expect as a kid and really appreciate. The acting isn’t my favorite, however, and I warn everyone for that ahead of time.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Gregg Sulkin himself
  • 500 medieval flashbacks
  •  Order of the Bear
  • Magical toy sword


#5: Minutemen

I LOVED this movie. Minutemen was the peak of my childhood, and it feels nostalgic every time I watch it. A group of boys make a time machine to go back in time to help the unpopular kids at their school survive. The formula of the machine, however, was stolen from NASA, and it’s only a matter of time before they catch up to them. Meanwhile, the main character, Virgil, is trying to get the girl of his dreams he had been friends with since childhood, but her cheating boyfriend, Derek, is ALWAYS in the way. This drove me nuts being the cheesy person I am. I just wanted the two together. No one says in this movie, but you know Charlie likes Jeanette who shows feelings for him the entire film.


Honorable Mentions:

  • “Scorch”
  • Albert Felinestein
  • Chester in the vending machine
  • Robot Man
  • Snowsuit Guys
  • “You robbed NASA?”


#4: Camp Rock

I was beyond obsessed with Camp Rock when I was little, it had to go in my top 5.

I lived off this movie. An aspiring singer, Mitchie (Demi Lovato), is able to afford summer camp because her mom’s catering business provides the camp food. Although, she tells everyone at the camp  her mom is the president of  “Hot Tunes TV China.” This makes me laugh now because it sounds ridiculous, but the cool character, Tess, was impressed, and invited her into the clique. Meanwhile, Shane Grey, a popstar at the camp, hears someone, who is Mitchie, singing, and wants to find out who the mystery voice is. So, see for yourself, but this movie is down on my all-time favorites for sure! It’s back when Demi had bangs and every Jonas Brother was still single.


Honorable Mentions:


#3: Teen Beach Movie

First of all, I want to make it clear this is just the first movie. I won’t even mention the second movie; it was so bad, sorry. However, the first movie was fire. The acting isn’t great, and it’s supposed to be cheesy, like a kid-version of Grease. But the songs are beyond catchy and iconic.


The musical is about the couple, Brady and Mack, that go inside a musical with characters constantly fighting over their personas as bikers and surfers. The two try to get the movie on course so they can go back to real-life, but it backfires and the lovers that are meant to fall for one another (Lela and Tanner) both fall for them instead.


This movie kept me entertained the entire summer of 2013 when I was recovering from spinal fusion. Truly, it was the only thing ever on Disney Channel. I memorized the lyrics and dances by just sitting through millions of times. I still know "Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’" by heart and I will disagree with anyone who says that song does not slap.


Honorable Mentions:


#2: Starstruck

Ugh, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this movie. It would’ve been number one, but there was one other premise that stood in its way. Starstruck was beyond cheesy and that goes without saying... you all have been warned. This is a movie, however, I will re-watch over and over again whatever I am feeling. I’ve stayed up to watch this rom-com even at 1 a.m. I don’t know if it’s the serenade I am in love with or Sterling Knight himself.


This movie is the cliché rom-com between a regular girl and singing pop-star. Jessica and her sister, Sara, visit their grandma in California. Sara only wants to stalk the singer, Christopher Wilde. Jessica, on the other hand, is the one who really ends up meeting and having the chance to hang out with the superstar, and she falls in love with him in the process, unexpectedly. While I did love the idea of the story, I was incredibly disappointed with the sisters’ relationship. If it were me, I’d be pissed if my sister was falling in love with Zac Efron and getting to hang out with him and never telling me; the scenario is a little different, but it’s basically the same thing.


But anyways, if this were to be a real relationship, it’s kinda toxic. A superstar who wants everything and throws a tantrum when he cannot have it with a basic know-it-all brat. But then again, if I was serenaded by Sterling Knight, I too would risk it all.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Sara’s Christopher Wilde map
  • Car key trades
  •  Quicksand Scene
  •   “I can’t swim”
  •  Sterling Knight as the CEO of smoulder
  • Grandpa’s fishing hat
  •  $500 Cab fair
  •  “I’d rather go down with Petunia”
  •  “You’re just an ordinary girl”
  • "What You Mean to Me"
  • The most awkward hand-holding position slow-dancing (1:17:54)


 #1: High School Musical

I only have honorable mentions for this movie. Truly, if you did not watch this movie and all the following High School Musicals, you’re not a true fan. I wanted to put down the original even though Zac Efron didn’t sing until the second movie (vocals in the original were done by Drew Seeley). This had a phenomenal story line, cheesy romance, a fabulous prima donna and good acting for Disney. It was kind of everything for my generation. Putting it anywhere that wasn’t number one would be tragic.


I doubt anyone doesn’t know what High School Musical is, but the story begins with the characters: Gabriella and Troy meeting at a resort on Christmas vacation singing karaoke. Little do they know that Gabriella was transferring schools, going to the same high school in Albuquerque as Troy. Troy begins to grow an interest in singing in musicals because of his attraction to Gabriella, but theatre favorites Sharpay and Ryan are in the way. In addition to this, people disagree with the change in status quo, including his own father who wants Troy to focus on basketball. The movie has some funny moments and good bops (to the top). It will always be a classic. But Joshua Bassett is also a cutie in the new series remake which I suggest watching too.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Flip phones
  • Jason’s questions to Mrs. Darbus
  •  Troy escaping Chad distracted by one handshake
  •  “That was just very disturbing, go see a counselor”
  •  “I love to pop and lock, and jam and break”
  • Pianist Kelsey
  •   “Like kindergarten”
  • Michael Crawford’s picture in Chad’s refrigerator
  • “Win together, lose together, teammates”
  • Gabriella in her feelings in the school hallways
  •  Troy climbing up Gabriella’s tree to serenade her
  • Ryan and Sharpay’s vocal exercises
  •  Taylor shutting down entire gym system without any tracing whatsoever
  • "Breaking Free"
  •  "We’re All in This Together"
  • Crème Brule
  • Gabriella and Troy’s almost-kiss


So, if you haven’t seen any of these movies yet, summer is finally around the corner. Quarantine still going on or not, you finally have the chance to re-watch these throwbacks! Like Mitchie says in Camp Rock, “Happy Summer!”